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24 hr Paint-a-Thon: Yep, I am really going to do it.

I announced it at BlogPaws and I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago. The time has come. I am getting ready for a round-the-clock over-nighter 24 hr Paint-a-thon!

I have done Paint-a-thons before, but only for 12 hours. This will be my first 24 hour stint. This time I am painting along with 9 bloggers who will be blogging for 24 hrs as well, all of whom are raising funds for various animal charities. Thanks to Dr. V. of Pawcurious for inspiring the entire event!

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Usually, when I do a Paint-a thon, I conclude the actual painting with an online auction on Twitter. I just don’t think I will be up for that after 24 hrs of painting, so this time, I plan to post the auction on my website. The auction will be up for 3 days and then the last 2 hours will conclude with a Twitter party.

1. I will begin painting at 2pm EST on Saturday to correspond with the Blog-a-thon, and paint as many paintings as I can between then and 2pm EST Sunday. I will be doing the Paint-a-thon at Embrace Pet Insurance‘s office, site for my new upcoming BZTAT Studios pet themed art gallery!

2. All the paintings created during the Paint-a-thon will be posted for online auction here on my website on Monday and be available for bids through 11pm EST on Thursday. We will have a Twitter party from 9-11 pm EST on Thursday, 11/18/10 to facilitate any bidding wars that may arise (and just to have fun!) for the last 2 hrs of the auction. Follow hashtag #bztatptg for the party.

3. I will be donating half of the proceeds of my Paint-a-thon to the Healing Paws Dialogue, an art project that I will be doing for the Pet Patrol therapy pet program at Mercy Medical Center in Canton, OH. The Healing Paws Dialogue aims to involve artistic youth in Canton with the Pet Patrol pet therapy program in order to enhance understanding and awareness of the value of pet therapy, as well as give them an opportunity to create pet themed public art with a professional artist.

4. The other half of the proceeds will go to a charity chosen by Embrace Pet Insurance staff: A New Leash On Life, specifically a fund for Flower who has pulmonic stenosis and needs a $2,500 balloon valvuloplasty surgery before she can be adopted out. Flower is being fostered by a member of the Embrace staff.

5. I will be posting photos of the works in progress throughout the Paint-a-thon to Twitter via Twitpic and to Facebook. Follow the hashtags: #bztatptg #blogathon on Twitter for the latest! The bloggers in the Blog-a-thon will be using the hashtag #blogathon, so be sure to follow their posts as well.

6. Each painting will be approximately 12″ X 16″ on wood. There will be a $40 minimum bid on each painting. There will also be a $25 USA and $45 international shipping fee for each painting.

I hope that you will join me throughout the Paint-a-thon, because I am going to need some help staying awake! Thanks in advance for your support and any virtual coffee you send my way.

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BZTAT and Pawcurious team up for a 24-hr Blog and Paint-a-thon!

Artists don’t make a lot of money, but we have our causes that we want to help just like anyone else.  So when we can’t donate money, we share our art.

I get asked to donate to a lot of causes, and truthfully, I am starting to say “no” with only a few exceptions. You can read why here.

Pet charities and Be the Change for Pets is my main exception.

I have done 12 hr. paint-a-thons in the past where I painted for 12 hrs. and auctioned off the resulting art to benefit pet rescue. When Dr. V. of Pawcurious said at BlogPaws West she was going to do  a 24-hr Blog-a-thon for a pet cause, I got caught up in the moment.

I stood up in front of the entire BlogPaws crowd and said, “I’m gonna do a 24-hr Paint-a-thon alongside Dr.V.!”

What was I THEENKING??? OK, I can do this…

Mark your calendars. the Paint-a-thon begins on Saturday, November 13th, starting at 2pm EST.

There will be more details coming, including how this will correspond with Dr. V’s Blog-a-thon and about other bloggers who will be joining in for the cause. Details about which charities will benefit from the auction sale of the artwork and how it will be auctioned will also be forthcoming.

This will be the last paint-a-thon that I do for while, as I need to focus on earning a living from my art. My critters and I have our own  needs. So if you are looking for an opportunity to get a great piece of art and benefit animals in need at the same time, you will want to tune in.

The love of a pet never grows old, and there are so many out there just looking for someone with whom to share their love. What can you do to “be the change” for them today?

Please feel free to share and use the video above for whatever cause you want to highlight to benefit animals in need.

Art of Kindness Paint-a-thon was a success and lots of fun!

Paint-a-thon paintings
Paintings by BZTAT

On Thursday, September 23, I engaged in a 12-hr. paint-a-thon. From 9am to 9pm, I painted as many paintings as I could and placed them all up for auction to raise money for the Friends of Stark Pound.

Paint-a-thon painting
painting by BZTAT

The paint-a-thon took place at Second April Galerie, who hosted the Art of Kindness fundraiser event billed as “An Evening of Fun, Food and Furry Friends!” and art exhibit. (The art exhibit will remain on display through October 1, 2010.)

A large crowd of art and animal enthusiasts attended the evening event, which included live music by Roger Phillips and Ken Weiss; several items donated for a silent auction; food and drink; and lots of furry frivolity. Several dogs available for adoption provided lots of barking and tail wagging fun.

Black Cat
Paintings by BZTAT

I ended up painting 5 paintings which raised $315 for the Friends of Stark Pound. Bids were taken at the gallery and online through Twitter. Three paintings went to in-gallery bidders and two went to bidders on Twitter. One winning bidder was from Germany!

Thanks to all who stopped by to cheer me on during the day and to those who provided support online. Special thanks go to those who bought the paintings and provided much needed funds to the Friends of Stark Pound.

Together, we are the Change for Pets who need us.

If you would like to donate to the Friends of Stark Pound, you can do so here. Thanks so much for your support!