BZTAT Studios Gallery and Exhibition Space

In addition to being the place where artist BZTAT creates and displays her own artwork, BZTAT Studios also exhibits artwork by other Northeast Ohio artists. Wall art, sculpture, jewelry, wearable art and other art gifts are regular features in rotating exhibits. BZTAT curates invitational exhibits and, on occasion, invites others to curate as well.

Current, future, and past exhibits at BZTAT Studios are listed below. 




"Out of the Back Room" Exhibit“Out of the Back Room” – 1/5/24 – 3/9/24  Have you ever wondered what lurks behind the door to an artist’s back room? If the “Out of the Back Room” art exhibit is any indication, there is tremendous depth and diversity of work hiding behind the scenes in local artists’ studios. For this unique exhibit, several local artists have dusted off and shared their favorite pieces of art that they have been keeping out of public view for one reason or another. The exhibit is filled with artworks that are both old and new, representing the best that Stark County has to offer.
“Out of the Back Room” opens January 5, 2023 in the BZTAT Studios gallery at Canton Creator Space during First Friday. The exhibit will remain showing through February 25, 2024. Filled with a variety of creative expressions, experiments, and treasured artworks not seen for a while, this show offers a unique opportunity for viewers to explore beyond what artists typically showcase in local galleries. Artists represented include: Christopher Triner, David Dingwell, Erika Katherine, Priscilla Roggenkamp, Sally Priscilla Lytle, Sarah Shumaker, Dave King, Tom Delamater, Iszy Ucker, Chris Wurst, and BZTAT.





Celestial Art Exhibit“Celestial – Exploring Cosmic Curiosities in Art” – 3/30/24 – 5/24/24  In celebration of the April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse, this art exhibit takes a wide-ranging look at human curiosity into the vastness of the sky and its mysteries beyond our reach. “Celestial – Exploring Cosmic Curiosities in Art” is an invitational exhibit featuring several Stark County artists who have expressed their fascination with cosmic phenomena through various artistic media and forms. Whether through spiritual or secular perspectives, abstract or concrete expressions, 2D or 3D artworks, whimsical or serious-minded interpretations, scientific or irrational visions, visitors are sure to encounter a rich tapestry of creative responses to the mysteries of the cosmos. Each artwork explores the unique wonderment of an artist reflecting upon their understanding of the sun, the moon, stars, planets, galaxies, etc. As you ponder the amazing solar event that includes Stark County in it’s ” Path of Totality” on April 8, enjoy this thought-provoking and visually stunning celebration of human inquiry and creativity in the face of the cosmic unknown.

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 30, 2024, 5:30PM – 8:30PM

“Celestial Independent Film Festival” April 6, 2024 6PM – 9PM – An exploration of the mysteries of the cosmos through the lens of independent filmmakers.





"Holiday Art Extravaganza" Exhibit“Holiday Art Extravaganza!” 11/18/23 – 1/3/24 Kick off the holidays, and enjoy the grand opening of BZTAT Studios’ new location at the all new Canton Creator Space, with a gallery full of holiday and winter themed artworks. This exhibit of local art and gift items created by local artists is featured in the BZTAT Studios Gallery that meanders throughout Canton Creator Space, a new, collaborative workplace for artists and creative entrepreneurs. Artists featured include: David Dingwell, Jo Westfall, Sara Caplinger, Sarah Shumaker, Scott Simler, Keeli Serri, Sally Priscilla Lytle, Dyanne Williams, Orenda Meraky, and Laura Hollis.

Join us for a reception to celebrate the Grand Opening with music by “Rock, Salt and Nails”, refreshments and lively conversation on November 18, 2023! Come see our new space on the Southside of downtown Canton and experience an all new arts venue!


Fiber Art Invitational Art Exhibit at BZTAT Studios“Create the Possibilities Fiber Art Invitational Exhibit” 6/2/23 – 7/21/23 In conjunction with an outdoor “Yarn Explosion” installation, BZTAT Studios is hosting a gallery exhibition of fiber art featuring several local artists. The exhibit of fine art utilizing various fibers and textiles is curated by local artist Stephen Tornero. Artists represented in the exhibition include: Priscilla Roggenkamp, Clare Murray Adams, Stephen Tornero, Jo Westfall, Brenda Case, Nyki Fetterman, Greg Hatch, Laura Hollis, Keeli Serri, Libby Doss, and BZTAT.

The 2023 “Create the Possibilities Yarn Explosion” outdoor public art installation is a display of colorful yarn that graces light poles, posts, rails and a 3 story building along Court Ave and Sixth Street in downtown Canton, OH.  The exhibit created by local volunteer artists is truly “explosive” with color, with giant “paint splats” made of yarn spilling out of a paint bucket and onto the surroundings. Other artistic elements are included as well.

An Opening Reception will be held June 2, 2023 from 5-9 PM.



“Abstract is Real” Invitational Art Exhibit“Abstract is Real” 3/3/23 – 5/27/23 Ten of Northeast Ohio’s most exciting artists have been selected to exhibit their artwork in a new  group invitational art exhibit at BZTAT Studios entitled “Abstract is Real”. Explore various dimensions of reality and abstraction in this ensemble of abstract artworks created by BZTAT and other local artists from the Canton, OH area. 

The exhibit features paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures created by some of the best artists in the region. Artists featured include: Aimee Lambes, Sally Priscilla Lytle, Dave Kuntzman, Sarah Winther Shumaker, Christopher Triner, David Dingwell, Stephen Tornero, Emily Ritchey Vigil, and Chris Wurst, and BZTAT.