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Deluxe Fine Art for the Contemporary Pet Lover

Your love for your pet is forever. Celebrate that love with fine art by pet portrait artist BZTAT.

Custom Pet Portrait Dog and Cat Paintings by Artist BZTAT

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Custom Pet Portraits by BZTAT

Artist BZTAT has won acclaim worldwide for creating uniquely contemporary and customized pet portraits of cats, dogs, and other companion animals. BZTAT’s colorful contemporary pet portrait paintings and digital artworks are unrivaled in their rich, colorful style, capturing the essence of each pet’s character in a unique fashion. Each portrait is a one of a kind original artwork that is museum and gallery quality. 

Watch BZTAT explain how her love of animals inspires her art…


BZTAT offers a variety of different portrait options. Choose your style:

Contemporary Tabby Cat Pet Portrait Painting by Artist BZTAT

Premiere Contemporary Custom Pet Portrait Paintings

Contemporary Folk Art Style Jack Russel Terrier Dog Portrait

Contemporary Folk Art Portrait Paintings

Siamese cat portrait drawing by artist BZTAT

Contemporary Pet Portrait Drawings

Black Labrador Retriever Dog Digital Pet Portrait

Contemporary Digital Pet Portraits

About BZTAT’s Process in her own words.
Each of my Premiere Pet Portraits take many long hours to complete. This is because I use a process of layering multiple layers of color to get unique texture and color effects. My other styles employ layering effects as well.

The process is also meticulous and time consuming because of my passion for ensuring that the portrait captures the essence of the animal depicted. Even though my style is somewhat abstract, it is very important to capture a likeness of the animal, as well as meet my own exacting standards for a unique work of art.

I love animals myself, and I love sharing my love of pets with other pet lovers. What is unique about my portraits, I believe, is that each one depicts not only the animal, but the relationship that the animal shares with the people who love it.

My first step in painting a Premiere portrait is to get some good photos of the animal. In many cases, the animal lives several states, or even oceans away from me, so I work with photos provided from the pet owner.

The second step in the process is to develop a reference image for the portrait using Photoshop and physical drawing. The reference image is then projected and traced onto a canvas which is painted black.

I then start blocking in colors and shapes. I refine the colors and shapes, building up color by painting many layers of varied colors on top of each other, always leaving some trace of the underneath layers.

Would you like a portrait of your pet? See more custom pet portraits by BZTAT and learn about the commissioning process here.

What people are saying about custom artwork from BZTAT…
Calico Cat Premiere Pet Portrait by BZTAT
“Callie” Premeire Custom Pet Portrait Painting

“My brother and sister and I wanted to get our mom a special Christmas present. When I saw BZTAT’s website, I knew we had the answer. My sister surreptitiously took pictures of our mom’s very special cat, Callie, and emailed them to the artist.

BZTAT kept us in the loop during the creative process so we could see the beautiful portrait as it progressed. When Mom saw the portrait, she was moved and thrilled. Two years later she still talks about how it captures Callie so beautifully – and it hangs in a prominent spot in her home.

BZTAT provided a rare treat for all of us:  a piece of original art that has wonderful meaning.
And what did mom have to say about it?
I LOVE my Callie portrait!  Its colors are startling but perfect and it’s wonderfully modern, but it’s definitely my Callie.  Guests in my home think it’s amazing (as do I !).”

~ China Gorman, CEO at GreatPlacetoWork.com


Cairn Terrier Dog Premiere Custom Pet Portrait Painting
“Dougal” Premiere Custom Pet Portrait Painting

“BZTAT totally captured the essence of our Cairn Terrior dog Dougal, even though we are on the other side of the world and she had never met him in the fur. The colors in the painting are amazing and every time I look at it I am reminded of my gorgeous boy and all of the fun times we had together.”

~ Lynn Haigh, Founder of Dougal’s Den in Staffordshire , United Kingdom


Shepherd mix dog Premiere Pet Portrait Painting
“Tucker” Premiere Custom Pet Portrait Painting

“When I was looking for a gift for my best friend, I searched everywhere for something I knew would mean a lot to her.  So I asked BZTAT to paint a portrait of my friend’s Dog, Tucker. I was right. My friend absolutely cherishes that painting. And, I liked it so much….I had BZTAT do one of my cat Romeo, too.  BZTAT has a way of capturing a pet’s personality perfectly, right down to the special look in their eye. I love her work!”

~Caroline Golon, High Paw Media