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Have a Happy, Safe and Creative Fourth!

"American Flag" Drawing by BZTAT
“American Flag” Drawing by BZTAT

I share with you today three creative efforts that are not new, but do reflect my love for my country. One is the simple flag drawing above. One is a poem that says what that flag means to me. And one is a video of a fireworks show that I filmed a couple of years ago in downtown Canton, OH.

I hope that you enjoy them, and I hope that your celebrations for Independence Day are safe, creative and fun!

My Flag by BZTAT

My Flag Stands For…

…resiliency in the face of tragedy.

…hope in the face of loss.

…courage in the face of danger.

…tenacity in the face of obstacles.

…triumph in the face of battle.

…peace in the face of war.

…freedom in the face of limitations.

…opportunity in the face of poverty.

…unity in the face of diversity.

…healing in the face of injury.

…knowledge in the face of naivete.

…charity in the face of need.

…humility in the face of pride.

…order in the face of chaos.

…faith in the face of uncertainty.

I love my flag.


Celebrate America with a Complete Fireworks Show from BZTAT Studios

On Friday I posted some video clips of the Zing in the City fireworks in Canton, OH. Today, to celebrate my country’s birthday, I have combined the video clips into a montage set to music. We truly had a spectacular fireworks show in Canton, and I wanted to share it with you. Warning: You may want to adjust your volume so as not to startle the pets!

Happy Independence Day!