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Celebrate America with a Complete Fireworks Show from BZTAT Studios

On Friday I posted some video clips of the Zing in the City fireworks in Canton, OH. Today, to celebrate my country’s birthday, I have combined the video clips into a montage set to music. We truly had a spectacular fireworks show in Canton, and I wanted to share it with you. Warning: You may want to adjust your volume so as not to startle the pets!

Happy Independence Day!

Fireworks Friday!

Hey! You can get your fireworks fix here without leaving home or losing any fingers!

I know, it is a little early. But we had some fabulous fireworks in Canton, OH on Wednesday as part of our Zing in the City event, and I just had to share them.

These fireworks were 2 blocks from my studio, and I was completely amazed at how well my iVideoCamera app on my iPhone was able to capture the effects. I was so close, you can actually hear the whistling sound of the rockets going up before they pop.  I shot 13 clips. I will share a few here today, and a few more as we get closer to the Fourth of July.

Have a great Fireworks Friday!