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Mia Meow’s Great Adventure

Digital Pet Portrait of Mia Meow
Digital Pet Portrait of Mia Meow, sitting on the bed where she’s supposed to be.

I had a big scare last night. My cat Mia Meow slipped out my front door as I was going outside, and she took a jaunt around the neighborhood. She must have been plotting this, as I am always extra careful going in and out just to prevent this sort of thing. I had my hands full, though, and the light was low. She must have seen what she thought was a great opportunity.

When I saw her slither out between my ankles, I quickly shut the door so that none of the other cats would escape. She hesitated, as cats do when entering unfamiliar scenarios, but she then disappeared off the porch into the great unknown.

There are big leafed weeds around my porch right now. Since I am moving in a couple of weeks, I hadn’t bothered to clear them from the flower beds. I instantly regretted that decision. They proved to be excellent cover for my little Houdini cat.

And tortoise shell markings are nature’s most perfect camouflage. I could not find her ANYWHERE.

I spent the next 3 hours creeping around my yard and checking up and down the block. I easily found my two neighbors’ cats and the possum that slinks around my yard at night, but no Mia Meow.

I tried my best to think positive and not catastrophize the situation. It was hard, though. Mia is skittish around people, so calling others to help with the search was not really a good idea. Plus, it was well after midnight at this point.

Dejected and bereft, I finally decided to go back inside and sleep a few hours. I presumed that she probably would stay hidden from my view if I stayed outside, anyway. She’ll be more visible in daylight, I thought.

I did not sleep well. I was haunted by the thoughts of bad things happening to my kitty in the dark. She must have been terrified by this scary world that looked intriguing at first, but was actually full of dangers for which she was ill-prepared.

After a couple of hours of fitful sleep, I was suddenly awakened. “What was that?” Brewskie, my ginger and white cat who was lounging next to me, had the same query on his sleepy face. I heard it again coming from the open bedroom window. Was that a meow?

Indeed it was, and not only was it a meow, it was Mia Meow’s Meow!

I rushed outside in my PJ’s and found her meowing by the back door. Rather than reach for her and risk scaring her off, I sat down on the ground and let her come to me. She must have grown tired of her adventure, because she came right up to me and started rubbing her face on my hand. I grasped the ruff of her neck and quickly pulled her to me. She did not resist at all.

After eating a late dinner of kibble, Mia joined the other cats in a restful nap on the bed, and I was able to sleep much more soundly for the rest of the night, myself. I was so happy to see her cute face when I awoke this morning!

I cannot imagine what I would have done if I hadn’t found her. Mia’s entry into my family was not planned or even sought, but now that she is with us, I cannot imagine life without her.

I hope that this is Mia’s last adventure into the great outdoors!

Life is an Adventure!


BlogPaws – 40+ Digital Pet Portraits in 3 Days!

Digital Pet Portrait by BZTAT

I have been back home from BlogPaws, the preeminent conference for pet bloggers and enthusiasts, for a few days. I am still on a high, though. Not only did I have fun at the conference creating digital pet portraits for conference participants, I met some of the most wonderful pets and pet people ever!

Creating 40 digital pet portraits (which actually turned out to be 43) in such a short amount of time was not all that difficult, however, the logistics of keeping track of which portrait went to which person was a bit of a challenge. Resizing them for web use has been another challenge. Nonetheless, I managed to get it done, and I am thrilled with the result. You can see all of the portraits in the slideshow below.

I want to thank BlogPaws for bringing me to the conference to create the portraits. I am proud to say that I have been to every single one of the BlogPaws conferences, and I am very grateful for the relationship that we have built over the years. We are already looking to 2015 to do another fun and creative activity in Nashville, TN!

Digital Pet Portraits are quite popular, and despite being technologically created, they are each very unique. I use a variety of ipad apps and filters with each image to layer in a depth of color and texture. these add to the personality of the animal to create a very special artwork. They are also more economical for people who are budget conscious. I am also offering an option where I will send you the digital file where you can do the printing yourself! Learn more about ordering a portrait or YOUR pet here.

Here they are: The BlogPaws 40!

Life is an Adventure!


Who wants a PAWtrait?

Custom Digital Pet Portrait of a Dog By BZTAT
Contemporary Digital Pet Portrait By BZTAT

I am in sunny Las Vegas at the annual BlogPaws conference, and I have a really fun job this year. Throughout the conference, I will be creating Contemporary Custom Digital Pet Portraits for 40 lucky conference participants!

Are you at BlogPaws? if so, register for the random drawing and you maybe chosen to receive a BZTAT PAWtrait of your pet! If your pet is with you at the conference, I will take a photo to use for the portrait. If you left your pet at home, that is OK. As long as you have a suitable electronic image that I can use, you can also have a PAWtrait!

Visit the BlogPaws booth in the Exhibition Hall to register. You must be present as a BlogPaws participant to be eligible.

I look forward to creating a PAWtrait for you!

Life is an Adventure!