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Kicking yourself only gives you bruises.

paradoxes purposes ponderances by BZTAT

Do you have regrets? Do you wish that you had done this or that instead of what you actually did do? Do you kick yourself for missing opportunities or for doing things that you wish you had not done?

Being circumspect about prior choices can be productive, but spending too much energy on regret is not.

It is wise to learn from the consequences of earlier choices. It is not wise to engage in self flagellation over poor choices made in the past.

Are you kicking yourself up a notch to be better at what you do? Or are you inflicting unnecessary pain on yourself for things that are done and cannot be changed?

Kicking yourself only gives you bruises.

Learn and move on.

Value vs. Success. Is there a difference?

Abstract collage by Artist BZTAT
“Modern Art” Collage by BZTAT

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. ~Albert Einstein”

Were I to talk with Mr. Einstein, I might quibble with him on being a “man” versus a woman of value. I do, however like the intent of his statement.

Do you seek success, or do you seek value? What is the difference to you? I am curious as to others’ thoughts on the concept…

(Contact me if you are interested in purchasing the artwork above. As of the date of posting, it is available. 🙂 )