Jun 272012
Abstract collage by Artist BZTAT

“Modern Art” Collage by BZTAT

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. ~Albert Einstein”

Were I to talk with Mr. Einstein, I might quibble with him on being a “man” versus a woman of value. I do, however like the intent of his statement.

Do you seek success, or do you seek value? What is the difference to you? I am curious as to others’ thoughts on the concept…

(Contact me if you are interested in purchasing the artwork above. As of the date of posting, it is available. 🙂 )

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  1. Hmm… tough question.

    I think the point was that being of value is success, or it should be.

    Unfortunately, today, that concept is really foreign. Somewhere in the early seventies, right before I was born, value started to mean cost. The lower the cost, the greater the value. It’s kind of how “saving” became spending less.

    So, I find that being of value and adding value to people’s life is my metric for success. It’s also my key to success. As long as I’m doing that we’re going to grow and we’re going to touch more people. If we touch more people, we’ll add more value. I’m planning on this becoming a vicious circle of success.

    As long as I keep our focus there, we should be OK.

    Does that make sense?

    • That makes perfect sense, Ron. I agree – success ideally is the result of providing value. All to often, people try to make a buck without really providing any value in exchange for that buck. My goal is to receive just payment for the value that I have to offer, that value being unique creative art that is meaningful and skillful. I know that if I seek success without first providing value, that success would be hollow and meaningless for me and my customer.

  2. I agree with Ron, that finding something to offer that is valuable is a success in itself, and offering value to others will make you successful, but there are so many meanings to “value” that we’d have to ask Einstein what he really meant!

    On another take, success can come at any cost, but holding onto your values as you get there can be tricky.

    • Excellent points, Bernadette! I agree, we need to retain our values as we seek success. Artists, however, can be self-limiting in their “values” to where they totally undervalue their worth, giving their works away for nothing, and then they complain that the world does not support them. I know. I have done it. I am learning that you can retain your values while still seeking just monetary compensation for the work that you do.

  3. Nice, Bernadette…

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