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BlogPaws – The Place Where Pet Bloggers Rock

BZTAT at the BlogPaws Nose to Nose Awards

I just returned from BlogPaws 2012, which could very well be the most fun and interesting conference EVER for writers, artists and pet enthusiasts.

I enjoyed the company of fellow writers, artists, people involved in animal causes, and social media/blogging geeks – you know, my peeps.

I learned many new things and I gained inspiration from very gifted speakers. But more than anything, I had the opportunity to enjoy great times with some of the most talented and outright fun people in the world.

As much as I value my ability to articulate, I am reduced to using simple words like “AWESOME!” and “We had a BLAST!” because the event defies verbal description.

As I returned home (it took many hours to fly from Salt Lake City, UT to Canton, OH), I thought about how much I had been changed by this brief 3-day encounter. As I struggled to return to my usual routine this morning, I realized – I don’t want to!

I have no interest in my old routine. It had me stuck.

I am a changed person after gaining new insight and opportunity. If I am changed, my routine needs to change to match it. Otherwise, what would be the point?

One statement by keynote speaker Lena West really hit home for me:

“You can only ride one bicycle at a time. You only have one ass.” ~ Lena West

Lena nailed many other issues that I need to address, but this one really hit home. It made me realize how many activities I have been taking on lately that take me away from my needs and purposes. Not only do those activities misdirect me, they also do everything but nourish my soul.

That is going to change.

(Also, my ass is going to get back onto my bicycle, because I need physical exercise to improve myself.)

We rocked it out in our own special way at BlogPaws. Now it is time to keep the energy flowing and apply the experience to our everyday lives.

I can’t wait to get started.