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Thought for the Day: A Forgotten View

Forgotten View - Window digital art by BZTAT
“Forgotten View” – digital art by BZTAT

Second April Galerie‘, where I  have my art studio at the moment, has many walls, cubbies and alcoves covered with art and interesting objects. The window at the end of the hall seems forgotten amidst all the many things to view in the gallery.

At one point, someone made an attempt to dress the window up a bit, as there are Christmas lights hanging askew across the panes. Whoever hung the lights must have lost interest, as they are no longer hanging in a purposefully decorative manner.

When the gallery is dark after closing time, however, the window becomes the only visible wall art in the gallery. It beams like an eerie beacon with the ambient light from the alley glowing in.

The view into the street is unremarkable, but the patterns and shapes created as the street light casts shadows on the glass are very intriguing.

It is view unseen to most, and typically forgotten by the few artists who may stray upstairs after hours.

Such forgotten details and views catch us now and then with their silent mystery and beauty.

And they become no longer forgotten. For a moment anyway.


Encore! More New Art for February!

Okey White cat digital

I was pretty amazed at the response to my January “Drawing a Day” drawings, and I am actually kind of sad that it is over. I wasn’t sure how it would go, and I actually anticipated that I would have some drawings that would go unsold. That didn’t happen, though. Every single drawing was sold, and some had some pretty intense bidding wars!

Thanks to all of you that bid on the artwork and made the month of January pretty interesting for me. I suffered through a nasty head cold and a bout with shingles during January, so it was good to have something to motivate me and get me out of bed.

But now what?

It was so much fun, and folks got into it so much, I was tempted to keep it going for February. But, truthfully, I wasn’t sure how long I could.

I do want to keep the creative enthusiasm going, however. So here is what I am going to do.

I can’t guarantee an artwork EVERY day, but I am going to try to keep posting new stuff FREQUENTLY and make it available for you to buy. Some will be up for auction, and some will just have a listed price. Some will be drawings. Some will be digital images with a touch of hand coloring to make each one original. Some may be small polymer clay sculptures. And some may be — who knows?

I have had a number of great suggestions from folks:  “draw squeaky toys!”; “Make a ‘Daily Brew” drawing!”; “Make pictures about LOVE for February!” Crowd sourcing artwork ideas is kinda cool, so I am going to try to touch on all these themes somehow. Do you have an idea for me? Let me know in the comments or send me a tweet or Facebook message.

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Today’s artwork is an “I-mage”, an image created on my Iphone. I love to take photos with my Iphone and play with them in different photo editing apps. Please don’t ask what apps or filters I used, because I always forget. I go through several different processes before I am done and never remember each step. That’s part of the adventure.

This I-mage is of my rescue cat Okey, who is such an inspiring muse to me, and whose story has inspired many people around the world. You can purchase a hand colored print of the image (image size approx. 5″ X 7″ matted for an 8″ X 10″ frame) for $50 + $5 US shipping or $15 International shipping. Simply use the button below. There is no auction for this piece – anyone can purchase one.

The hand coloring will be minimal marks or shading added with a Prismacolor pencil in keeping with the overall color scheme present in the image above.

Thanks for joining me on my artistic adventure!

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