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Now’s the time to make custom art orders for the holidays!


Black and White Tuxedo Cat Contemporary Premiere Style Pet Portrait Painting by Artist BZTAT “REALLY?  You’re talking about the holidays NOW? Already???”

Yeah, I am.

There’s no better gift than the gift of art, and a portrait of a beloved pet can make your loved one’s holiday very special. Custom art takes time to complete, though, so you need to get your order in early.

To ensure that your custom pet portrait gifts are completed and shipped in time for Hanukkah and Christmas, you must order before October 15, 2016. After that, I cannot promise to get your artwork completed and shipped on time.


I have 4 portrait styles that fit with different budgets, including:

Contemporary Premiere Style White cat portrait painting with patterned blanket by BZTAT
    Premiere Contemporary Custom Pet Portrait Painting 


Premiere Contemporary Custom Pet Portrait Paintings are deluxe artistic interpretations of your pet that are painted in a colorful and highly customized style. These paintings reflect the unique characteristics of your pet in a semi-abstract style. They take many hours to complete due to my technique of layering various colors and attention to detail.


Whimsical Orange Dog Folk Art Style Pet Portrait by Artist BZTAT
           Contemporary Folk Art Portrait Painting by BZTAT


Contemporary Folk Art Portrait Paintings are artistic interpretations of your pet that are painted in a fun, contemporary folk art style. These paintings reflect the characteristics of your pet in loose and whimsical fashion. Although less customized that the Premiere Contemporary Custom Pet Portrait Paintings, Folk Art style portraits capture the essence of your pet in a colorful and cheerful work of art.

Contemporary Siamese Cat Drawing by Artist BZTAT
               Contemporary Pet Portrait Drawing by BZTAT


Contemporary Pet Portrait Drawings are artistic interpretations of your pet that are created in a contemporary style. These drawings reflect the characteristics of your pet in loose and whimsical fashion. Portrait drawings are created with Prismacolor Pencils on colored papers or white Bristol Board with inked in backgrounds. 


Contemporary Digital Chihuahua Dog Portrait by Artist BZTAT
    Contemporary Digital Pet Portrait by BZTAT


Tortoise Shell maine Coon Cat Digital Portrait by BZTAT
    Contemporary Digital Pet Portrait by BZTAT


Contemporary Digital Pet Portraits are artistic interpretations of your pet that are created from your photos in a contemporary digital style. Using a variety of digital apps and filters, I digitally manipulate your photo into a unique, one of a kind artwork. Choose to get the image printed on paper or receive a jpg image that you can print on your own.


I look forward to creating a special gift for your loved ones for the upcoming holiday season!

Life is an Adventure!


Portrait of Mr. Sassy Pants – a special needs cat in need of a home.

Mr. Sassy Pants Grey cat digital pet portrait
Digital Portrait of Sassy by BZTAT

Most portraits that I create are commissioned by the human companions of my subjects. Sassy is different. I created his portrait simply because he touched my heart. His human companion has touched me as well.

Sassy is my neighbor Helen’s cat (I call him Mr. Sassy Pants). He is about 1 year old, and he likes to go outside to explore the neighborhood. He tends to shy away from me, but he and I share a porch and yard. He watches me closely as he goes on his daily adventures.

Recently, Sassy came home from his travels with an injured leg. He couldn’t put weight on it and it was very swollen, so Helen and I took him in to see the vet.

After a round of antibiotics failed to show improvements, the vet took some X-rays. The X-rays showed that Sassy had experienced some kind of trauma to his knee area, likely a dog bit him and crushed some of the tiny bones and cartilage. The major problem, though, is that the knee joint had considerable infection in the soft tissues and was possibly affecting the bone as well. The infection needed to be eradicated before any kind of surgery could occur.

The vet said at first that it was possible that the bones could heal on their own after the infection was gone. He would have a limp, but be able to get around. The infection did go away after he was put on a round of stronger antibiotics. Unfortunately, it seems to have returned, now that he has finished the original dose. He is back on antibiotics and Helen has been keeping him indoors. The vet believes that amputating the leg below the knee might be his best option to keep the infection from being a chronic concern.

Cats can get along fine with 3 legs, so it is not such a tragic thing to amputate the leg. The surgery won’t be cheap, though, somewhere around $800-1000, and Sassy will need a lot of care through his recovery. Helen is not sure she can give him what he needs.

Helen and Sassy
Helen and Sassy

Helen and I had a frank discussion, and we both agreed that it might be better for Sassy to be re-homed with someone who can better attend to his needs. Helen has her own health issues to contend with, and she is on a fixed income. She loves Sassy, and as much as she would like to keep him with her, she believes he will be better off with someone who is more equipped to deal with him. (Helen does have other pets so she will not be alone.)

We are looking for a special person who is willing and able to take on a sweet cat who will need some medical attention for the short term. Sassy is young, approximately a year old, and otherwise healthy. He has been neutered and he has his shots. Once he gets through the surgery and recovery, he has a good chance of living a long healthy life.

We hope to find a home in the northeast Ohio area, but if that is not possible, we might be able to arrange transportation to other states. Do you know a special someone who might like to add Sassy to his or her family? Could that special someone be you?
We would greatly appreciate it if you could please share this post and help us find him the purrfect home. Whoever is the lucky person to bring him into their home will receive a copy of his portrait shown above.
We have a fundraiser set up to help with the costs of his care, which we will keep active until he no longer needs support. We appreciate any support that you can offer.
Thanks so much for sharing and helping Mr. Sassy Pants find a good home!
Life is an Adventure!