Contemporary Folk Art Pet Portrait Paintings

Contemporary Folk Art Portrait Paintings are artistic interpretations of your pet that are painted in a fun, contemporary folk art style on textured wood. These paintings reflect the characteristics of your pet in loose and whimsical fashion. Although less customized that the Premiere Contemporary Custom Pet Portrait Paintings, Folk Art style portraits capture the essence of your pet in a colorful and cheerful work of art.

Contemporary Folk Art Portrait Pricing

 (painted on OSB board)

Prices according to size are listed below.

                    10″ X 14″ – $250

                    12″ X 16″ – $275

                    14″ X 18″ – $325

                    16″ X 20″ – $375

                    20″ X 24″ – $425

About the Process of Commissioning Custom Artworks

“I love creating custom artwork for people who love their pets! If you decide to commission an artwork, I want you to know that the work will be the result of a very special creative process. I do want you to know in advance that there is some uncertainty in the process, however. I am a fine artist, not an illustrator, which means that I create from my own vision. Although I try to accommodate special requests, I am not an illustrator articulating YOUR idea. I am a fine artist who has been hired to express her own. Trusting my process leads to a creative adventure for both of us. Please view different examples of my work to ensure that my style and process will lead the type of artwork you desire.” ~ BZTAT

Listed prices are for one animal in the portrait. Additional animals cost extra.

Prices are subject to change at any time. Non-standard sizes are available as well, however, may include extra costs depending on availability and custom canvas charges.

75% of the full payment is required in advance. The remaining 25% and shipping costs are due once the painting is completed. The painting will be shipped when all payments have been made.

Portraits generally take 8-12 weeks to complete depending on difficulty and waiting list. Shipping costs are extra and vary according to each piece.

If the style or pricing of  Contemporary Folk Art Custom Pet Portrait Paintings are not for you, BZTAT has 3 other portrait styles that fit different budgets.

Please contact BZTAT using the form below to make an order or to get further information about ordering a custom portrait of your pet.