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Bunny Art is a better gift than a live bunny. Seriously.

White Rabbit drawing by BZTAT
Drawing by BZTAT

Every year, bunnies and baby chicks are marketed to the general public as pets to be given as Easter gifts. It is sad, because most people are not well equipped to keep them as pets. More often than not, these creatures end up in small hutches and cages, and they live a lonely and miserable existence, if they remain alive at all.

If you have the desire to give someone a bunny for Easter, please reconsider. The live animals are certainly cute, but they deserve to live in a humane and interactive environment. Perhaps an artwork that is enduring and in no way harms a live creature would be a better gift. 🙂

Regardless of faith, Spring is a time to celebrate new life and new beginnings. My hope is that your Spring is full of great promise and celebration!

(The drawing above is 5″ x 7″ and matted to fit an 8″x10″ frame. If you are interested in purchasing the drawing, it is $50 + shipping. Contact me if you are interested.)