Happy Birthday Brewskie Butt!

Brew on the Beach - painting by BZTAT
“Brew on the Beach” – painting by BZTAT

Brewskie Butt is both my muse and a thorn in my side. He is my feline companion who inspires my artwork, but also gets on my nerves with his crazy antics around my home.

Nonetheless, I love him dearly, and we make quite an artistic team.

I don’t know his actual birthday, but the vet seems certain that he was born sometime in April of 2004. We celebrate his day on April 1, because he is such a fool.

Happy Birthday Brew. May you have many more years of purring and driving me crazy!

The painting above is for sale. It measures 22″H x 28″W and is acrylic on wood. $350 + shipping. Please contact BZTAT if you are interested in purchasing it.


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