Mar 222013
Orange striped Maine coon cat drawing by BZTAT

Drawing by BZTAT

There is something about ginger cats that sets them apart from all others. They have a certain kind of attitude, seemingly knowing that they stand out in a crowd.

I drew this orange cat drawing a couple of nights ago and posted it on Facebook. Not having my computer set up yet in my new home/studio, I was not able to scan it. The photo that I took with my iPhone made it look a lot different than the original.

I set up my computer and scanner today, so I thought I would post the scanned version here. Now you can see what it really looks like. The drawing is for sale for $50 – contact me if you are interested in purchasing it.

Do you know a ginger cat with a redhead attitude?

  2 Responses to “There's something about an orange cat…”

  1. I have two gingers actually! Ginger (the older one) is just a big sweetheart, and Travis (the younger one) is still full of kitten energy. He’s always getting into it with someone!

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