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New Holiday Card Featuring Okey the Parking Lot Kitty!

"Meowy Christmas!" Drawing by BZTAT

I posted several holiday cards for sale on Friday. I got a note from a friend soon after posting them who was wondering why I didn’t make an Okey card. That’s about as much arm twisting as it took.

I love drawing pictures of my Okey, but more than that, I love how so many people love following her story and adventures in recovery. Okey is well on her way to being a happy well adjusted house cat at this point. She still is skittish in some ways, but she becomes braver everyday. I am still very smitten with my little girl!

If you would like to order Okey cards, you can do so here. Cards will come with a small note explaining her story.

I hope that you have an Okey Dokey holiday season!

Holiday Cards by BZTAT!


You won’t find them at a card shop. You won’t find them at the grocery or big box department store. The only place you will find them is here.

I am offering fine art holiday cards printed right in my studio for a limited time. Each card has one of my drawings featured and is printed on a 5″ X 7″ white card. Each card with envelope is individually wrapped in clear plastic for protection.


There are Christmas cards, Hanukkah cards, Kwanza cards, and general season cards. See the full portfolio of cards here. I hope you enjoy them!


Happy Holidays!

BlogPaws Inspired "Be the Change for Animals" T-Shirts

Yesterday I posted that, as a part of the “Be the Change” blog challenge, I would design a T-Shirt for my CafePress shop and dedicate the proceeds to animal rescue groups.

Well, here is the design.

All proceeds from sales of any product in the“Be the Change for Animals in Need” section of my shop during the month of April and May will go to Pets Without Parents. After May, proceeds from sales of the shirt will go to my local animal charity, Friends of Stark Pound or another worthy animal rescue group.

Pet Bloggers and Animals enthusiasts around the world are participating in the “Be the Change Challenge” by doing small and big things to help animals who are in shelters or are needing special care.

Some are raising donations; some are volunteering at local rescue organizations; and some are dedicating their time and skills to make the world aware of the needs of animal charities around the world.

I hope that you will consider purchasing one of the T-Shirts or doing something else to help pets in need. They give so much to us–can’t we do something for them?

Here is the code if you would like to put the widget for the “Be the Change for Animals” T-Shirt on your website:

<a title=”Be the Change” href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”…BlogPaws-LR.jpg” alt=”Be the Change for Animals in Need T-Shirt” width=”150″ height=”150″ />

Oh yeah, and we are having a Twitter BlogPawty on April 21 from 7 pm – 1 am (EST) to have fun and raise money for Pets Without Parents. Hope to see you there!

Thanks for being the CHANGE!

Life is an Adventure!