Jul 092010

Little Meow Last week I wrote a post about Little Meow the Parking Lot Kitty. I have followed the real life story of this cat for over a year via one of my favorite blogs Your Daily Cute.

When her situation turned to where she desperately needed a home, I was moved to action. I drew the drawing here in hopes that it would help draw attention to her need.

People around the world helped to tweet and send out Facebook updates in search of a home for her. many a blog post was written about her.

Even Catster featured her on their blog.

I am happy to report that Little Meow has found a home, and it was all because of her own lovability.

Little Meow was taken to a foster home as an interim placement until a permanent home could be found. The young couple who fostered her did not think initially that they would be a good match for her long-term, however, Little Meow apparently turned on the charm. After meeting her and experiencing her irresistible sweetness, they realized that they just couldn’t let her go.

So Little Meow has a furever home! As a bonus, it is in a place where her dear friend Dorian, who has tended to her for years, can visit and continue to be her best pal.

Thank you so much to those of you who responded to my call for help and searched your networks for a home for Little Meow.

I enjoyed making Little Meow’s drawing, and I enjoyed using my artwork for such a great purpose. I may do similar works in the future to help animals in need. Do you have ideas as to how I could do that? I am open to suggestions.

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  1. Wonderful news about Little Meow!
    I thought you already donate a portion of the commission made on your artwork to various cat charities. If not, I have blogged about a number of artists who do.
    I am purchasing a piece later this year from a young woman who is doing a portrait of my cat and my Sheltie and a portion of her commission is being donated to a pet charity.
    Some artists allow the individual who is purchasing the piece to decide what charity it should go to, others decide for themselves.
    Not sure if this is what you mean.

  2. Thanks for your comment and thanks for all your help in seeking a home for Little Meow, Caren!

    I do on occasion donate proceeds from painting sales to charities. I simply cannot do it with every painting, however. Painting sales are my main source of income, so to donate proceeds from each sale would be like donating part of every paycheck for me. I try to do what I can without making myself a charity case as well.

    Rather than raise money, however, I am thinking more about helping to find homes for animals that have unique stories and perhaps are a little more difficult to place because of their age or special circumstances. Sometimes an artwork can tell a story and help people to see the value of a special animal on a more endearing level, where that animal might otherwise get lost amongst all the other animals looking for homes.

  3. Yippee!! We're so happy to hear that Little Meow has found a home.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. you are welcome!
    Oh I so completely understand believe me!!! Being out of work since 2007 I totally understand!!
    I think your idea is wonderful and if there is anything I can be of assistance with for these “special” animals I am ready, willing and able!!
    On a totally different topic, since I receive your updates via email why when I post does it say I am “unregistered?” What do I need to do that I am not doing? 🙂

  5. It is so neat when a story has a happily ever after kind of ending!

  6. Your posts are posting fine, Caren. I will let you know when I decide to do more with the drawings.

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