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Do you know someone who wants art under their tree?

Christmas Cat
Drawing by BZTAT

By now, you have probably fought your way through crowded stores and perused hundreds of websites, looking for that one thing that the pet lover on your list would like.

And you are still looking.

Maybe they would like art under their tree?

Many pet lovers enjoy having animal themed artwork as gifts. Take a look at these paintings, and see if there is something they might like. I also have prints (currently on 25% off sale) that make wonderful gifts.

And although it is too late to complete a custom portrait of your pet before the holidays, you can still order one and I will send you a gift certificate to give to your special someone.

Contact me, too, if you have an idea for other custom artwork. I do drawings, murals, and many different kinds of custom work that can be given as gifts through a gift certificate.

Stop fighting the crowds and stay inside with your pets. Do your holiday shopping right here at BZTAT Studios.

Happy Holidays!

Need a gift idea? How about a gift certificate towards BZTAT artwork?

predatory Instincts
"Predatory Instincts" painting by BZTAT (click image for info.)

Are you looking for a unique gift idea for someone who seems to have everything? Have you been wanting to order some art for yourself but couldn’t quite justify the expense?

Perhaps you might consider Fine Art Gift certificates for BZTAT Art!

Some people purchase a gift certificate for someone as a gift for a birthday or holiday. Some businesses purchase gift certificates to give to valued clients.

And some people put gift certificates on their wish lists, so they can accumulate them and purchase pet portraits or other artworks.

Whatever your plan, we can make it work for you!

Giving art as a gift is a wonderful way to show your appreciation to a valued corporate client or to demonstrate your love to family and friends. Sometimes it is difficult to pick out the exact piece that someone else would like, however. Giving a gift certificate allows you to give the gift of art, but also allows the recipient to choose the piece that they like best.

Perhaps you may wish to put a BZTAT Fine Art Gift Certificate on your birthday or holiday wish list, bridal shower list or baby shower list. Accumulating gift certificates from a group of friends and family can help you decorate your new home or nursery, or help you purchase a custom artwork that you have had your heart set on!

When you purchase a gift certificate, we will mail a paper certificate to the individual and address you specify. Please be sure to leave a note of any special messages you would like us to share with the recipient. Instructions for redeeming the certificate will be included.

So what are you waiting for? Order yours today!