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Over Here Facebook Fans! Over Here! OVER HERE!

The Naked CowbowYou have no doubt heard of the Naked Cowboy.

The entrepreneurial street singer found that no one paid attention to his musical entertainment on the streets, no matter how good his music was.

So he stripped down to his briefs and started playing in the buff to get everyone’s attention. He is now a permanent part of the NYC Times Square urban landscape.

I am feeling like the Naked Cowboy before he stripped down.

I have 347 fans on my old Facebook fan page. I no longer call my studio “Art Adventures Studios”, but Facebook won’t let you change the name of a fan page, so I had to create a new one to have a new name. Getting those 347 people to move to the new page, however, has seemed like an impossible feat. At this writing, I only have 57 fans on the new page.

What do I need to do to get people over to the new page? You REALLY don’t want me to start painting in the buff, do you? I can assure you, my physique is not as interesting as the Naked Cowboy’s.

So please, come on over to the new page! I am planning all kinds of new schtuff for the page, with interesting articles, updates about what is in the works on my easel, and maybe some contests and things.

Hope to see you at the new page — fully clothed.