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What's It Like To Be a Professional Artist? It's Just, Well…

BZTAT-professional-artist-at-workI am speaking with groups of middle school students today about what it is like to be a professional artist.  Not a difficult topic for me, obviously, but it is still a challenge. When you speak to youth, you always feel a compulsion to leave some kind of impact and impression upon them.

And that is really kind of silly.

The last thing kids want from you is YOUR wisdom, because, you know, they always know more than you do.

I am not being sarcastic. Kids DO know a lot, and they have a different perspective on things than those of us who reached adulthood long ago.

I respect that. I have found that I am better off if I let THEM leave an impression on me, rather than vice versa.

I expect to learn a lot today.

Teach me guys, and ask me questions. I will try to make it a reciprocal exchange.

I was going to put together a PowerPoint presentation, but I decided against that. Young students are very tech savvy these days, and PowerPoints are boring.

Since my trajectory into making a career out of my art has been built upon using social media, and the school that I am visiting has WiFi, I am instead putting my presentation right here on my blog.

The presentation is all about images. I will post a few here, and see where it leads.

And I hope that some of my readers will give my students some comments to consider as well.

BZTAT Studios
My Studio in the Canton Arts District
BZTAT Studios First Friday

Canton First Friday
Second April Galerie, Canton, OH
BZTAT painting on location
BZTAT painting on location
Downtown Cats Mural
Creative Use of Social Media

So, what would you like to learn about being a professional artist? And what would you like to learn from my students?

Life is an Adventure!


Thought for the day

Artwork by BZTAT

Many of us are white keys, the musical notes that are most common and what we hear the most on the keyboard. Some of us are black keys, those musical notes that are less common and give contrast to the expected melodies of life.

White keys without black keys are boring; black keys without white keys are too intense and unstructured.

White keys need black keys to complete a harmonious sound, and vice versa.

Together, we are the spirit of life–music.

Paradoxes, Purposes and Ponderances–Project52

My friend Liz Hover encouraged me to sign up for a blogging challenge called Project52. Project52 is a blogging community that focuses bloggers to set a goal to write at least 1 new article per week for 1 year.

It is not a stretch for me to post weekly here. I already do that. Currently, I post 2-4 times a week.

Most of my posts, however, are very image rich, meaning that I post mostly images of my artwork, with some writing about them to give them context. Either I write about the process of creating the work, or I post a quote that gives a “Thought for the Day”.

I like to write about other things, however. Often, I am too lazy or too caught up in other activities to write about them here, however.

So my Project52 personal challenge is to write weekly about something beyond my images. I will continue to post the other things, but I want to add a new element to my blog.

I am calling it “Paradoxes, Purposes and Ponderances” because these are the things I intend to write about.

I am constantly amazed by the paradoxes and ironies in life. I seek to serve different purposes in the various directions of my life. And I often ponder about ideas, events, opportunities, etc.

So once a week, I intend to write about some idea or activity or poetic reflection here in this space. it maybe about my cats. It may be about my adventures with social media. It maybe about my journey to become a professional artist, balancing the creative as well as the business activities in which I must engage.

Or it may be just some stream of consciousness reflection or piece of poetry.

I might throw out some questions to get ideas from my readers.

Whatever I do, I intend to WRITE. Lets see where this new adventure takes me!

Life is an Adventure!