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Little Meow the Parking Lot Kitty

Little Meow
Drawing by BZTAT

Every week I receive hundreds, and yes I do mean hundreds, of requests to help animals in need. As much as I want to, I cannot help them all.

Every now and then, however, a certain animal’s story really touches my heart. That is the case with Little Meow.

Little Meow has lived her entire life in the parking lot of an office park in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She and other cats in the area have been tended to by 2 different women for many years. Most recently, my friend Dorian from Your Daily Cute has fed and given lots of love to Little Meow and her companion Daddy Meow.

Little Meow and Daddy Meow

Sadly, Daddy Meow became ill and went to the Rainbow Bridge a few weeks ago, leaving Little Meow all alone.

Little Meow has never been by herself before, and Dorian was concerned about her being alone in the parking lot. Furthermore, she was concerned about a new manager in the office park who had indicated a desire to remove her. Dorian decided that it was time to find a permanent home for Little Meow where she could be loved and could give love to someone who needed it from her.

Little Meow was captured yesterday and taken to the vet for a check up. She was given a clean bill of health and is now in a foster home. Because of lease limitations, neither Dorian or the foster family can give her a permanent home, so Dorian is calling out the troops to find her a forever home.

Little Meow

A home in the Fort Lauderdale area would be best for her, but Dorian is willing to help relocate her to another area to find her the best possible home.

I follow Your Daily Cute religiously.  It is the one thing that I can count on each day to make me smile. I have followed Little Meow’s story through the Cute for quite awhile, and I just couldn’t ignore her plea for help.

This is one special kitty. She will need some time to adjust to a new home, but she is very socialized despite living in the wild. I am sure that she is going to bring a lot of love to a very special someone who decides to give her a home.

Could that be you? If you are interested, send an email to AdoptLittleMeow@gmail.com. You can read more about her here.

If you adopt her, you will also get a special bonus. The original 4.5″ X 6.5″ drawing pictured above will be yours.

Please help spread the word.  Post the link to this post or the post on Your Daily Cute on your Facebook or Twitter, or forward it on in whatever way that you can.

Lets help Little Meow find a home.