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Have a Little Faith in Me…

I usually only post my own works in this space. But this video was so compelling, I thought it warranted an exception.

And, it came to me during a week where I am faced with a huge challenge.

With a goal of raising $6,000 in pledges for my latest Okey’s Promise project, my current pledges total $2,010, with only 4 days left. If the goal is not reached, I get nothing.

Unsurmountable? Perhaps. But no one thought I could raise $5,000 with my last project, and I raised over $5,100.

I WILL do the project. I hope that I can do it thru this campaign. it just takes a little bit of faith, and a lot of reaching out to potential supporters.

The video is from Jonathon Fields. If you don’t follow his blog, I highly recommend that you do.

Thanks to those of you who have faith in me.