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May the Angels Have Our Backs…

"Maybe Angels" painting by BZTAT
“Maybe Angels” painting by BZTAT

At the beginning of a football game, players from both teams say prayers. At the end, they shake hands regardless of the violence that may have occurred on the field.

An election is often compared to a football game with fans lining up on both sides for THEIR team.

A lot more is on the line in an election than a football game, though. The emotions raised in the election occurring on today’s date have certainly shown how important this one is.

Regardless of the outcome, I hope that we can literally or metaphorically shake hands and work towards peaceful means of resolving conflict in the future. The rancor that has permeated the airwaves and social media of late tells me we have a ways to go.

As I post this, the polls have closed in my state of Ohio. What is done is done, at least we hope, if it was done in a fair and effective manner.

May the angels have our backs as we go forward form this point.