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Who wants to be somewhere other than where you are?

Sailboat painting BZTAT
“Sailboat Wind” by BZTAT

I am raising my hand.

I would like to be sailing on a breezy but calm lake with good friends and a beer in my hand.

But I am not there. I am in my studio, creating.

It is not so bad, as I like my studio and I like to create.

Still yet, there are times that I long for something different. Something relaxing and thrilling at the same time.


I don’t own a sailboat. I have no hopes of being able to afford such a luxury anytime soon.

I don’t have any friends with boats jumping with invites either.

But I still dream.

And the canvas can do miracles.

I won’t revile you with phony quotes that implore you to shirk responsibility and follow your dreams. People often think that is what being an artist is about.

It is not.

Following your dreams is no easier than working a crappy job, and in many ways, it is harder.

I say find ways to reconcile your present lot in life and find ways to make it OK. But always be looking for ways to go beyond and fulfill your dreams too.

It is the journey and not just the destination that makes your life full.

Are you feeling as though you want to be somewhere other than where you are? Are you unhappy with your lot at the moment and screaming to be doing something else?

Where would you rather be? What is standing in your way of getting where you want to be?

What is is your dream?

How are you making your journey fulfilling?