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Okey's Promise: Art Raising Awareness for Animals, Kids and Families

I started the fund raising campaign for the latest Okey’s Promise: Art for a Cause project many months ago. Several Promise Keepers have contributed to the project, yet it still remains way under the original fund raising goal.

I am still raising funds for the project, and I hope that you will consider contributing to the campaign. You can contribute here at the Okey’s Promise GoFundMe page.

Public Art Mural of a Boy Drawing
Design for Okey’s Promise Mural by BZTAT

The project will be scaled back if the goal is not reached, but it will be completed.

You can see what the project is about by watching the video. I think it tells the story better than anything I can write here. The overall mission for Okey’s Promise is to raise awareness to the connections between animal abuse, child abuse and domestic violence.

Public Art Mural of a girl and cat
Design for Okey’s Promise Mural by BZTAT

I have been working with an organization called Peace for Pets in Stark County, OH that provides foster care for the pets of families seeking shelter from domestic violence. We work closely with the Domestic Violence Project, Inc. to assist families in need so that finding safety for their pets is not a barrier to finding safety for themselves.

It is my hope that many other communities will adopt similar programs. It is so essential.

Public Art Mural of a Boy and a Dog
Design for Okey’s Promise Mural by BZTAT

Does your community assist families in domestic crisis with shelter for their pets? Please share in the comments.

And please consider contributing to the art project to raise awareness, and share with others.

Thank you for your support!