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2017 Wall Calendars for Cat and Dog Lovers

2017 Cat Fine Art Wall Calendar by BZTAT StudiosI announced the pre-sale of my new 2017 Dog and Cat Fine Art Wall Calendars a few months ago. As the seasons change and the end of the year gets closer, getting a new calendar becomes more pressing. if you have not order yours yet, now is the time.

I have two 2017 calendars available for pre-order – One for Cat Lovers and One for Dog Lovers.

The “Pawprints on Your Soul” BZTAT Studios 2017 Dog  and Cat Fine Art Calendars” feature custom pet portraits of actual animals who have brought much love and joy to the homes of their devoted pet loving humans.

2017 Dog Fine Art Wall Calendar BZTAT StudiosEach portrait was created through a process of artistically manipulating photographs with a variety of mobile app filters.

You can see all of the calendar images in the short videos below. Make your orders here.  Pre-ordered calendars will be shipped in early November.

I hope that you enjoy them!




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