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A Moment with Callie Cat

Calico Maine Coon Cat art
"Callie Cat" Digital Art by BZTAT

Callie is my friend’s cat. She once was a very regal feline with a fluffy calico coat of fur, yet she was timid and shy around visitors.

Now at eleven years of age, she suffers from diabetes and an assortment of other ailments. She is frail and thin and her fur clings pallidly to her body. Her eyes peer out with a tiredness, but still a hint of curiosity.

And she is still regal.

She allows me to pet her now, and even let me slip a pill into her throat without too much trouble. She still runs when the doorbell rings, though.

In front of the pharmacy I took a deep breath, went in, bought the drug, went out and breathed out. Well, that’s was half the battle. Then I had to take the pill so that nobody could see the package even in the trash bin (I was cryptic as a spy).

Callie made an impression on me today, so I decided to feature her here. The moments we shared, and will share in the future, are moments to treasure.