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I have a secret.

Top Secret Stamp by Artist BZTATI have a secret.

I must, right? I am an artist, and artists create things that no one else can create. We have insights and methods that are outside the reach of others, and we do things that inspire comments like, ” I wish I could paint like that!”

There has to be a secret if others cannot grasp it, yes?

The funny thing is, I don’t feel like I have a secret. What I do is just what I do, and I just go about doing it every day, enjoying the process most of the time. Sometimes the process is a struggle and not exactly enjoyable, but I do it in pursuit of an outcome that is ultimately satisfying.

Some of what I do is a matter of skill that has been carefully honed over the years. It is not so secret. Many of my processes are easily analyzed and revealed.

Other aspects to my process, though, are more conceptual and intuitive. They are less obvious and more oblique to the casual eye. I guess that these aspects are what intrigue people the most. They are also what make my work uniquely mine.

My point in musing about all of this is to let you know that none of my artistic “secrets” are intentionally guarded as such. I don’t purposefully create a mystique about my creative process and prevent others from trying to duplicate it. I am secure in my ability and my unique perceptions, so I do not fear that others will copy and achieve identical results.

That is the real secret.

Each person has their own personal identity that ultimately shines through in their art, so even purposefully attempted copies of another’s work reveals something about the actual artist and not the one imitated.

I like to help others discover their creative selves, and I enjoy sharing about my own experiences to facilitate that process for people. I am very open to sharing my techniques and processes in the hopes that others will use them as a way to explore their creativity and try new things.

So if there was one “secret” that I could reveal to help you in that process, what would it be?

Ask away in the comments here. Future blog posts will take up your questions and hopefully help reveal the secrets to your own creative potential!

Life is an Adventure!


An Artist’s Perspective on the Polar Vortex

Snowman drawing for the Polar Vortex by Artist BZTAT
“Snowman” drawing by Artist BZTAT

As the greatest part of the United States is under the spell of the so-called “Polar Vortex“, people from Georgia to Minnesota are reaching for metaphors and other ways to describe the indescribable cold weather that has settled in around us.

Many have taken to You Tube with videos of themselves throwing boiling water into the cold abyss, as if creating their own snow was some kind of miraculous new thing.

Others have turned to other social media sites, sharing “selfies” or photos of themselves barely visible beneath the layers of clothing they have donned to prevent the cold from getting in. Photos of sad canines in boots and sweaters have been a hit as well.

There are the photos of vehicle thermometers recording the subzero temperatures, and the photos of backyards and buried patio furniture to record images of record snow drifts. There are also the multiple warnings to keep children and pets indoors. (HEED THEM FOLKS!)

And then, of course, the cynics come in and admonish us all for being so ridiculous.

But lets face it. Weather events like this are unusual, and if not for sharing about in a giddy way with our friends, how are we supposed to endure it?

Artist-BZTAT Selfie with kitten Mia Meow
My Selfie with Mia Meow

You would think an artist would have more inspirational thoughts than most on the matter, but I confess, my Polar Vortex  social media posts were mostly like everyone else’s. I expressed frustration about my truck being frozen shut and joy about the warmth of my new kitten Mia.

The truth is, Nature is artful enough without my input. Despite the brutal cold, the beauty of snow and ice is stunning. As we gasp for air that is breathable, we also gasp at the sheer wonder of Nature’s unbelievable power and beauty.

So the artist’s perspective is not much different than that of anyone one else.

Follow the wisdom of those who give guidance for enduring the brutal cold, share your experiences with those you love, and enjoy the wonder of Nature’s immense power.

That is the artist’s perspective. What is yours?

Whatever you do to survive the Polar Vortex, enjoy the Adventure!