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“Out of the Back Room” Art Exhibit

“Out of the Back Room” Art ExhibitHave you ever wondered what lurks behind the door to an artist’s back room? If the “Out of the Back Room” art exhibit is any indication, there is tremendous depth and diversity of work hiding behind the scenes in local artists’ studios. For this unique exhibit, several local artists have dusted off and shared their favorite pieces of art that they have been keeping out of public view for one reason or another. The exhibit is filled with artworks that are both old and new, representing the best that Stark County has to offer.

“Out of the Back Room” opens January 5, 2023 in the BZTAT Studios gallery at Canton Creator Space during First Friday. The exhibit will remain showing through February 25, 2024. Filled with a variety of creative expressions, experiments, and treasured artworks not seen for a while, this show offers a unique opportunity for viewers to explore beyond what artists typically showcase in local galleries. Artists represented include: Christopher Triner, David Dingwell, Erika Katherine, Priscilla Roggenkamp, Sally Priscilla Lytle, Sarah Shumaker, Dave King, Tom Delamater, Iszy Rucker, Chris Wurst, and BZTAT.

BZTAT Studios, located in the new Canton Creator Space (720 Market Ave. S, Canton, OH), exhibits artwork by local artists, including wall art, sculpture, jewelry, wearable art and painted art gifts. Canton Creator Space is a brand new collaborative workplace and gallery for artists and creative entrepreneurs. Open to the public, Canton Creator Space allows visitors to experience a behind the scenes view of the dynamic world of local artists and enjoy a more personalized arts encounter beyond galleries and museums. The gallery will be open 10am-5pm on Mondays and 12-6pm Tuesday through Saturday through the duration of the exhibit.

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Urban Wildlife Painting Exhibit now on display at Malone University

Urban Wildlife painting exhibit at Malone University by artist BZTAT

For several months now, I have been working on a series of paintings for an exhibit at Malone University in Canton, OH. The paintings are of animals who share the Canton, OH community with an urban and suburban population of human beings. I call the series “Urban Wildlife”, as their habitat has increasingly become a concrete jungle of urban sprawl.

I wrote about three of these paintings and the animals that inspired them in previous posts (deer, skunk, goose). I will likely write about more of the animals, in fact, I am hoping to make a book about the paintings with reflections on their inspirations. All in due time.

For now, though, I thought I would share the Artist Statement that accompanies the Malone Exhibit here. It is below. The exhibit will be in the Fountain Gallery until December 7, 2019 in the Johnson Center at 2600 Cleveland Ave NW. I hope you get a chance to see it!

Urban Wildlife of Stark County
Painting Series by Artist BZTAT

There is something beautiful about driving around late at night when there is no one else awake but the night creatures that inhabit the city. The approach of my car startles them. They take notice of me, and they ponder whether they should flee or stand their ground. They regard me as my headlights capture their visage. I regard them too, with a mix of fascination and wonder. It is just them and me, and I see them – really SEE them – words fail to describe the encounter.

For about a year and half, this was my nightly adventure. To earn extra money to supplement my art business, I took on a paper route for a time that required that I make my deliveries in the early morning hours. Every night, I crept around three local neighborhoods, delivering the Canton Respository to subscribers, and observing the nightly goings on of the urban wildlife that make Canton, OH and Stark County their home.

Ordinary creatures, perhaps. These are not exotic creatures from Africa or the outback. All too often they are what we call “road kill” as we pass their lifeless carcasses on the highway. We share our community with them, and yet, we often dismiss them as pests or annoyances. The sad irony is that we have encroached on their habitat. It is they who have suffered the consequences of our urban sprawl.

Great beauty can be found in the ordinary, and great beauty can be found in the brief interaction between woman and beast. Since words fail to describe that beauty, I have endeavored to recreate my urban wildlife encounters with images. In each painting in this series of 12 acrylic paintings on wood, I have tried to share a moment of regard between myself and a wild animal in my community.

Not all of the creatures rendered in this series are night dwellers. As I immersed myself in this painting project, I decided to paint animals that I have encountered during the daylight hours as well. Although the initial inspiration came from my nightly travels, I extended my creative exploration to day creatures, too. All of the animals rendered are native to Stark County, OH. They are named as “Night Stalkers” and “Day Stalkers” and numbered according to the order in which I painted them.

Each painting represents an encounter, a moment of regard, or an observation of an extraordinarily ordinary creature that shares a habitat with me.

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“The Mystery of Cats” Gallery Exhibit

The Mystery of Cats painting by BZTAT
“The Mystery of Cats” painting by BZTAT

Cats have been the source of legends, myths and mysteries for thousands of years. The same qualities that have inspired magical imaginations about cats for centuries also inspire me artistically.

In “The Mystery of Cats”, an exhibit of new paintings at Second April Galerie, I take a direct look at their mystery and the qualities that make cats, particularly black cats, so intriguing.

There is a psychological depth to cats that is both alluring and intriguing, and this makes them an interesting focus for artwork. Cats can be very loving and tender, but they can also be independent and self assured. They have a paradoxical character that makes them very interesting as companions and also great subjects for artistic inspiration.

The exhibit is both playful and evocative, with colorful images of spirited felines in different environments. A serious message is conveyed by these stately creatures, however.

Although fun and colorful, the paintings also implore us to reconsider the myths that claim that black cats are evil and connected to a sordid subculture.

Because of the legends connecting black cats to bad luck, they often are innocent victims of a society that casts them off or leaves them vulnerable to abuse. Black cats  not only fall prey to mischief-makers seeking to cause mayhem around Halloween, they also are unlucky in finding homes.

Around the world, animal shelters consistently report that black cats are often passed over for other cats by people looking to adopt a new pet.

“The Mystery of Cats” artworks and messages that go with them encourage viewers to enjoy the mystery of cats, yet they also challenge us to respect that cats are wonderful pets and worthy of our compassion.

The artworks will be on display at Second April Galerie at 324 Cleveland Ave., Canton, OH beginning First Friday (October 5, 2012) and will remain through October 27. If you are in Canton, I hope you will stop in and see them.

In conjunction with the exhibit, I will hold a “Create-a-thon” on Thursday, October 18, where I will create artworks in the gallery for 12 hours (9 am – 9 pm). The works created during the Create-a-thon will be auctioned to raise money for the latest Okey’s Promise: Art for a Cause project.

More info will be forthcoming about the Create-a-thon. Also, “The Mystery of Cats” artworks will be posted for sale here on the website soon. Stay tuned!