Spring Cleaning – Ha! Like Spring is ever going to get here…

Painting by BZTAT
Black cat painting by BZTAT

Spring keeps taunting me, like a feral cat staring at me from a distance, unwilling to let me take it into my grasp. I think Spring is finally here, and then another cold, miserable snowy day appears.

Well, I am going to celebrate Spring, whether the weather changes or not. It is time to do some Spring Cleaning and time to get some of these paintings hanging on my walls onto someone else’s walls.

I am in a bargaining mood and I am willing to allow my friends and fans a special opportunity. I am not going to mark things down. I am not going to offer a certain discount. I am going to let YOU tell me a price you’d like to pay for the artwork of your desire, and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

I reserve the right to turn down offers deemed too low, but what have you got to lose? Send me an email with your offer, and let’s talk! Check out my Paintings Gallery below to see what is available. Email me if you want to make an offer. And let’s talk.

I am not sure how long this will last, but it won’t be long. So get your offer in fast.

I would love to see my painting on YOUR wall!


Paintings Gallery – Click on images to bigafy them.

Life is an Adventure!