Riding the 101

City bus public transit digital art BZTAT
“Riding the 101” digital art BZTAT

I wrote the other day about my new life reality of using public transportation. I am becoming more accustomed to it, and I have actually been finding artistic inspiration as I ride.

I have discovered some interesting things about my fellow riders. I usually sit in the first or second forward facing seat behind the side facing seats. There is generally someone sitting in one or two of the seats in front of me, and invariably, they start sharing something about themselves with me or another rider.

Everyone has a story to tell, whether they speak it, or simply share a quality or expression that gives one a glimpse into their life.

I find these people and their stories intriguing. I also find it very interesting how each 15 minute ride that I take has its own mini-culture develop through the interactions of individuals who are randomly moving through space at any given time.

I tend to fiddle with my iphone as I ride, creating little sketches with photo apps. I have started creating images that share my impressions of this intriguing glimpse into the lives of people going about their business and sharing a little bit of themselves as they do.  I am calling this series of images “Riding the 101” as Bus 101 is my most frequent chariot of late.

I am not sure what I will do with them. If I have enough of good enough quality, I might make a small book of them. For now, I will share them here and share the stories with them. If you have an interest in one of the images and would like a print, contact me.

Life is an Adventure!