Pink Guitar – Live each day like it is your first.

Pink Guitar art by BZTAT
“Pink Guitar” art by BZTAT

People say don’t live in the past, live each day like its your last, but you should try it in reverse, live each day like its your first.

Chorus: I believe this is precious time, I believe you are one of a kind.

You run along with no fear in your heart, you play your song on your pink guitar, and all the joy thats in your eyes, reminds us of whats good in life.

So lets take a lesson on happiness from those who live their days in the simplest ways.

~ Lyrics from Pink Guitar by The Sim Redmond Band

Sim Redmond Band – “Pink Guitar” from Cascade Video/Don Bazley on Vimeo.

Prints of the artwork above are available. Please contact BZTAT if you would like to purchase one.

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