Crazy Cat Ladies Rock! And we are a force to be reckoned with.


Crazy Cat Lady Dorian of Your Daily Cute
Photo by Sonju Photography (used with permission)

I have shared the stories of each of my cats this week in order to celebrate my status as a Crazy Cat Lady.

I purposefully titled each post with “Crazy Cat Ladies Rock!” because I wanted to get some positive posts about ladies who are crazy about cats on the interewebs. Why?

If you Google “Crazy Cat Lady”, you will find that there is so much negative and really harsh stuff out there. I think it is time that we ladies (and Crazy Cat Guys) fight back!

I was inspired to do this by my friend Dorian who publishes the Your Daily Cute blog and also writes for Catster (pictured above). Dorian recently wrote this post for Catster where she rightfully claimed her title as the “Official Poster Crazy Cat Lady of the Internet”.

Now I am a fifty year old lady without much shape or style, so it is a little bit harder for me to shirk the stereotype of the Crazy Cat Lady. But Dorian is young, has great style, works hard at keeping a nice figure, spends much of her time at the beach, and is the essence of “cool”.

And she is CRAZY about cats. So crazy, she has a dream of saving every cat that is in need or is in danger of being euthanized because a shelter is not able to find it a home.

A lofty dream, for sure. But not an impossible one. We must strive for excellence, and we cannot achieve that if we do not dream big.

Dorian is working on plans so that her network of cat lovers can work together in innovative ways to help cats that need care and homes.

My hope is that my latest Okey’s Promise project will help us in moving towards the goal of finding safe homes for cats and other animals that are in danger of death or abuse because they have no homes.

The photo above is of Dorian at the Animal Aid cat shelter in South Florida. The photo was taken by Stephanie of Sonju Photography.

Sadly, as the Catster post shares, many websites have used the photo illegally to demean women who love cats, rather than for it’s intended purpose, which was to encourage cat adoption. Dorian and Stephanie granted me permission to use the photo, as they knew I would honor its purpose.

I am sharing the photo and its story here, as I want to make a challenge to my Crazy Cat Lady (or Guy) friends.

I challenge you to write a post about how positive Crazy Cat people are and why it is FABULOUS to be crazy about cats. Please don’t use the photo without permission. Find some photos of your own that share the joy of cats so that we can debunk the myths about women and cats.

Can you? Will you? Lets have some fun with this!

Lets fill the interwebs with positive things about people crazy about cats!

One other thing. I agree with Dorian. We need to get her on Ellen as Google’s most popular cat lady. Lets put our paws together to make it happen!