Jul 312012
whimsical painting by BZTAT

Painting by BZTAT

I painted this painting several years ago, well before the days when I started signing my work BZTAT (c. 2001). It was purchased by my doctor from a gallery that no longer exists. At the time, I had not seen her but for a couple of times, and she did not recognize that she had bought a painting from a patient until she took it back to her office.

Now I, and her other patients get the pleasure of viewing it when they come to visit. Lucky for me in regards to my health, that doesn’t happen often.

My doctor has purchased other paintings from me since then, though. An avid dog lover, I have painted her pups’ portraits. And now, she has asked me to paint a companion piece to this one. How fun!

I used to paint and draw patterns and symbols like this a lot in the past. I am looking forward to giving it a go again.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I think it’s great – looking forward to seeing you trying this style again sometime

  2. I love this painting, and your opportunity for revisiting another era in your life as an artist. Years ago my work was entirely abstract, and now I have to work to get back there.

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