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Thought for the Day: A Forgotten View

Forgotten View - Window digital art by BZTAT
“Forgotten View” – digital art by BZTAT

Second April Galerie‘, where I  have my art studio at the moment, has many walls, cubbies and alcoves covered with art and interesting objects. The window at the end of the hall seems forgotten amidst all the many things to view in the gallery.

At one point, someone made an attempt to dress the window up a bit, as there are Christmas lights hanging askew across the panes. Whoever hung the lights must have lost interest, as they are no longer hanging in a purposefully decorative manner.

When the gallery is dark after closing time, however, the window becomes the only visible wall art in the gallery. It beams like an eerie beacon with the ambient light from the alley glowing in.

The view into the street is unremarkable, but the patterns and shapes created as the street light casts shadows on the glass are very intriguing.

It is view unseen to most, and typically forgotten by the few artists who may stray upstairs after hours.

Such forgotten details and views catch us now and then with their silent mystery and beauty.

And they become no longer forgotten. For a moment anyway.


Believe – in yourself and what lies ahead.

Believe - Painting by BZTAT
“Believe” Painting by BZTAT

“We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems.”  ― Margaret Mead

A number of challenges have come my way of late. Some of these challenges have the appearance of unsolvable problems.

Are they brilliant disguises or truths revealed?

I have been around long enough to know that no problem can slay me in my quest for purpose and impact in my life. But there are many problems that can make my journey less than comfortable.

Those are the sort that are encumbering me now. I won’t go into detail. I have no need for sympathy or pity. I am just stating fact. We all go through it.

The challenge in being human is allowing oneself to believe that, regardless of being a disguise or a truth, all life experience takes us to a place where there is opportunity – and choices to make.

I am lucky that opportunity awaits me without disguise, and I am thankful for those who support and care no matter what my challenge is. I look forward to my travels ahead.

That is what faith and belief are to me.

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11″ X 14″ painting on canvas board by artist BZTAT

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