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I love your artwork! Do you have something I can afford?

ACEO cat drawings by BZTAT
ACEO drawings by BZTAT

I have heard other artists lament that viewers often complain about the price of their artworks, suggesting that the work is not worth the stated price. I am lucky – I don’t usually get that. Most people recognize the value off my work, even if it is well outside of their price range.

Still yet, I believe art is for everyone, not just those who have a higher level of affluence than others.

I do not want to sell myself short. After all, selling art is my livelihood. But it is possible for me to make artworks in varied price ranges.

I have been making some smaller drawings called ACEOs (Artist Trading Cards) so that my fans can collect smaller, lower priced artworks, yet still enjoy high quality fine art.

The selection above represents some of the ACEOs that are available. There are many more! Each is a separate 2.5″ x 3.5″ drawing. I am selling them for $15 each to help ensure I that I can cover my cat Slick’s future veterinary costs. My hope is to sell a bunch of them, making my work affordable for my fans and making my cat’s vet costs less daunting.

I have created an Etsy shop to make them easier to sell. You can visit the shop here.

Although ACEOs are small, they are still very collectible, and can be framed and enjoyed as great decorative items. My hope is that you will enjoy them, and visit the Etsy shop often. New items will be added all the time. Eventually, I will be adding drawings and paintings as well. Stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Brewskie Butt!

Brew on the Beach - painting by BZTAT
“Brew on the Beach” – painting by BZTAT

Brewskie Butt is both my muse and a thorn in my side. He is my feline companion who inspires my artwork, but also gets on my nerves with his crazy antics around my home.

Nonetheless, I love him dearly, and we make quite an artistic team.

I don’t know his actual birthday, but the vet seems certain that he was born sometime in April of 2004. We celebrate his day on April 1, because he is such a fool.

Happy Birthday Brew. May you have many more years of purring and driving me crazy!

The painting above is for sale. It measures 22″H x 28″W and is acrylic on wood. $350 + shipping. Please contact BZTAT if you are interested in purchasing it.

There's something about an orange cat…

Orange striped Maine coon cat drawing by BZTAT
Drawing by BZTAT

There is something about ginger cats that sets them apart from all others. They have a certain kind of attitude, seemingly knowing that they stand out in a crowd.

I drew this orange cat drawing a couple of nights ago and posted it on Facebook. Not having my computer set up yet in my new home/studio, I was not able to scan it. The photo that I took with my iPhone made it look a lot different than the original.

I set up my computer and scanner today, so I thought I would post the scanned version here. Now you can see what it really looks like. The drawing is for sale for $50 – contact me if you are interested in purchasing it.

Do you know a ginger cat with a redhead attitude?