Tonight's the Night the "Downtown Cats" Hit the Town…

Downtown Cats Mural

… and I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be a good night!

I like to play this video when I have a big night ahead, and tonight is going to be a big night!

First, my mural is going to be dedicated as part of the Canton First Friday festivities.

But more importantly, it could be the night that some dogs and cats from Friends of the Pound and Second Chance for Animals find new homes! Dogs and cats from both organizations will be on hand, er, paw, to celebrate the night and strut their stuff.

The animals will be available for adoption. How will you be able to resist them?

You can celebrate with us either by attending the dedication at 7:30 pm (EDT) at 201 5th St. NW in Canton, OH or via the USTREAM live broadcast online beginning at 7:30 pm (EDT)!

You may just come home with your new best friend.

See ya tonight!