Oct 012012
Keyboard Cat painting by BZTAT

“Keyboard Cat” painting by BZTAT

Something about a cat at a keyboard is both intriguing and amusing.

The  idea has spawned an infinite number of internet memes and jokes about feline frivolity.

A case could be made that the whole business of viral videos began with the infamous Keyboard Cat.

My “Keyboard Cat” painting is a bit different than all that nonsense, but still is fun and mysterious.

It is part of “The Mystery of Cats” show that I will have on display at Second April Galerie starting this Friday during the Canton First Friday event.

The series of feline themed artworks will be on display at Second April Galerie at 324 Cleveland Ave., Canton, OH beginning First Friday (October 5, 2012) and will remain through October 27.

If you are in Canton, I hope you will stop in and see them!



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  1. My favorite!!!

    • So glad you like it Dee. It can be purchased through the gallery and shipped if you are interested. Price is $225.00 + $45 shipping.

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