The Artist's Journey – Come along for the ride!

Sailboat on a Lake - Art by BZTAT
“Sailboat Wind” – Digital Art by BZTAT

If you buy art, you do so for a number of reasons. Regardless of the reason, you want to see the artist become successful, right?

If the artist becomes successful, it vindicates your purchase. The work that you own becomes more valuable, and you can honestly take pride in identifying a rising star before everyone else does.

More than anything, though, you want to see the artist become successful because you are part of their journey. When you support an artist, you become part of that artist’s story. You help the artist reach a point where they contribute greatly to the world, and that is no small thing.

Artists, be grateful to those who share and support your journey.

I look at the issue of artists making a career from their talent from two different perspectives.

There are concepts that society promulgates about artists that need to be changed. But artists also need to take responsibility and not assume that life should be handed to them on a silver platter.

I have started a writing journey to more openly share my own struggle with making a career as an artist that is financially sustainable. I hope that it is interesting to those who would purchase my art, even though the journey will inevitably lead to higher prices.

I hope it is interesting to others as well. Even if you do not purchase my art, you are supporting my journey. Thanks!

Where do you think this journey will lead me next?