"The Adventures of Brewskie!"–Brewskie Butt's First Blog

From Brewskie Butt, official spokescat of Art Adventures Studios

Finally! BZTAT (my person) is letting me blog on the Buzz From BZTAT!!! It’s my very first official blog that can be more than 140 characters (Twitter limit). I am so excited!!!!!

For my first blog, I thought I would tell you about my best pals, Noah and Who–the coolest cats around! OK, I’ll tell ya about Slick, too, but I don’t get along with her as well.

Here’s Noah:

Noah and I have been pals for a long time. He was at my house when I first arrived. Noah is a HUGE cat! We think he is a Maine Coon cat. He’s lots of fun to wrestle with, and he likes to snuggle too. He got his name from an early life experience he had. When he was born, he was kept in a plastic tub in a basement with his cat mom and kitten siblings. The basement flooded, and all the others got up to higher ground. Noah, though, as the story goes, was left in the tub, and was found floating around in his little Rubbermaid ark. Luckily, he was rescued, and he, too, got to higher ground. He came to live with my human mom, BZTAT, not too long after that.

This is Who:

Who is Noah’s brother. He was in the flood too, but he got out of the ark before Noah was stranded. He came to live with Noah and BZTAT for a couple of weeks when he was little, then he went to live with BZTAT’s mom in a retirement center. He was the king of that place, let me tell ya! Who is a large cat, too, although not as big as Noah. He is probably a Maine Coon cat, as well. Everyone says he is a strikingly beautiful cat, as he has a very unique face and swirly patterns in his fur. I just know he’s lots of fun to play with! He came to live with us in February 2008 when BZTAT’s mom went into a nursing home.

Who got his name from the “Cat Who…” book series by Lillian Jackson Braun. I never read the books, but I guess they are about cats that solve murder mysteries. BZTAT likes to sing the CSI theme song to him, “Who are you? Who? Who?” She sometimes calls him “Who-dini” cuz he can be a trickster. She calls out “Yoo Who….” when she can’t find him, and calls him a “Ya-Who” when he’s being silly.

This is Slick:

Slick is older than the rest of us. She’s 13-1/2 years old (We’re all 4-1/2). She’s still pretty active, though. She is a calico, and half of her face is a different color than the other half. I confess, I get very jealous of her, cuz she and BZTAT have such a special relationship. I have a special relationship with mom too, but Slick was around during the legendary Beezie-tat’s era (story for another blog), which gives her special status. Slick gets growly and hissy when I chase her or try to bump her off the cat tower, and mom always protects her. That’s why she’s my nemesis.

Slick was rescued from an oil spill on the Tuscarawas River in Navarre, OH. That’s how she got her name. She didn’t get any oil on her, but was brought in with a bunch of ducks and geese that did. She had an injured paw, but was fixed up by Dr. Jeff just like new. To this day, Slick gets nostalgic when she hears geese fly overhead.

My person, BZTAT, as you know, is an artist. She made all of the pictures of us here. She says that, if it weren’t for us cats, she would have nothing to draw or paint. I think she would find something, because she does paint other things, but we sure do enjoy being her models. The picture at the top of this blog is my favorite picture that she has made of me. Make sure that you check out her website, her Cafe Press Shop, and her Zazzle store for all kinds of cool art and other stuff. Had to put that plug in, ya know, cuz I am her spokescat and all.

Thanks, mom, for letting me blog! Look out for more “Adventures of Brewskie!” in the future!

The Brew

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