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Critter Updates: Percy, Andy and Okey have all found homes!

Digital Art by BZTAT

I am SOOOOOO happy to write today’s post!

I received a phone call last night that Percy the Wonder Cat and his adopted brother Andy have both found a home in the local Stark County area! They will be staying together and will be going to live with a local family. YAY!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped in searching for a home for these two cats. It truly was a worldwide effort. I had folks around the world tweeting and re-tweeting about Percy and Andy’s need for a home, and I received the sweetest emails from people who wanted to help.

Special thanks go to Dorian Wagner at Your Daily Cute and Gwen Cooper from Homer’s Odyssey who truly sent out a worldwide call of hope and love for these two cats. And I am deeply indebted to Jill Kirsch of Cripple Creek Ferals and Friends for listing them on her Petfinder site .

And little Okey, formally a parking lot kitty, then a studio cat, has a permanent home as well!

I hear it is called “Foster Failure” when a cat that is fostered ends up becoming the pet of the foster family. Failure, though, does not seem to be a word that fits Okey.

Call me a sucker, but I just couldn’t give her up after all the time I spent rescuing her and helping her acclimate to a new world. Yes, Okey is staying with me.

I want to emphasize that I simply could not have kept her and ensured that she received proper vetting were it not for the financial support that my devoted friends and fans shared. As I am transitioning from a career as a counselor to one of a full time artist, my finances have been very unpredictable of late.

$305 was donated towards Okey’s care! She was spayed last week and received all her shots and medical needs. She has recovered well, and is now getting to know the other four felines in my home. All I can say about that is she learned some assertiveness out there in that parking lot.

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Brew and Okey
Brew and Okey

Okey whisker slapped Brewskie Butt a few times, but they are starting to become pals. I was so thrilled that I had camera in hand for their first nose tap!

I personally call it a “Foster Success”.

Thanks again to everyone who supported all of these critters and helped with their needs. It is so gratifying to know how much people truly care, and are willing to be the change for pets in need.

Be the Change for Whiskers: An Amazing Cat; An Amazing Story

"Whiskers" Drawing by BZTAT

Every cat has a story, I am sure. if only we knew what really was being thought behind the mysterious contemplative eyes of each feline that we encountered in life…

I am sure that we would be humbled.

The cat pictured above is a regal feline named “Whiskers”. Resilient and strong for sure, Whiskers has endured neglect in her past life, yet her current caretakers say she is the most grateful of felines. She asks little, but gives much.

WhiskersWhiskers is a quiet cat who seems nonplussed by other cats and is well acclimated to domestic life. She is a mature lady, approximately 15 years old, and certain to give someone a lot of love in her remaining years.

Sadly, her foster family who has been nurturing her back to health cannot keep her.

When my friend Robyn Harton shared her story with me, it moved me in much the same way as Little Meow’s story did. I wanted to draw her picture, and I wanted to help her find a home.

Life has been a challenge for Whiskers. It is time to give her a change and let her see the good side of humanity. Can you help Be the Change for Whiskers?

Do you know someone who might be wanting Whiskers’ love? She is in the Richmond, VA area, but can travel to a good home in the United States. Can you help her find a home?

You can learn more about her and how to contact her foster family here at CrystalsAndJewelry.com Blog & News.

Whoever gives Whiskers a permanent home will receive her portrait shown above as an extra bonus.

Feel free to re-post the drawing of Whiskers, if you would like, to help her find a home. Please do credit the image with “Artwork by BZTAT” with a link to this blog.

If you are not inclined to be involved in pet rescue, that is fine. I hope that you will still share in the celebration of this amazing cat’s life through my artwork.

To me, the best art is motivated by a deeply felt experience, and that certainly is the case with the story of Whiskers.

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