Special Thanks from the Brew and BZTAT

Beginning on April 5 and ending on April 6, an amazing event occurred that reminded me of how special animals and their people truly were. The event was my cat Brewskie’s birthday “paw pawty” that was celebrated around the world as the “#pawpawty” on Twitter.

For those of you who aren’t on Twitter, I know that this whole business is probably a mystery to you. To those who are on Twitter, but have not experienced the animal kingdom within, it probably sounds crazy, too. Please bear with me as I try to explain, and as I try to share how this whole thing moved me in ways that I would have never imagined.

I knew that my cat (@Brewskiebutt) “tweeted” on Twitter when I left him at home all day. I knew that he was incredibly popular among his “anipals” (other critters on Twitter with whom he communicates about various animal concerns). I knew that throwing him a party on Twitter would be a success, and I knew that we could raise some money for animal rescue efforts in the process.

What I didn’t expect was the overwhelmingly joyful, kind-spirited and innocent fun that led to a very deep connection between hundreds, maybe thousands of “critters” around the entire world. In the so-called “real world” these “critters” are complete strangers. In a “virtual world”, however, they frolic and play and are the best of friends.

The one thing that brings them together is a love for animals and the unexplainable way that animals bring out the best in humanity.

The paw pawty lasted for a full 24 hours, and it was a top trend on Twitter for almost the entire time. For several hours, it was the number one trend on Twitter, meaning that, throughout the globe, it was the most talked-about topic on Twitter. It wasn’t Brewskie that they were talking about. It was the joy and fun of cutting loose and sharing with others who love animals.

There was silly nonsense, like dogs lining up to use the porta-hydrants and cats passing around the “nip”. There were DJ’s “blip-ing” music and critters dancing the night away. There were animals partying throughout the paw pawty’s “virtual location” of the Canton Arts District, taking in the amazing art scene and entertainment zone that has become Canton’s new claim to fame. And there were contests and prizes galore.

Yeah, I know it sounds crazy.

This imaginary world, though, somehow brought out the “realness” of innocent fun and hopeful cheer that is often forgotten in a world of difficult challenges and conflict. For a day, the paw pawty participants got back in touch with their tender and innocent selves by sharing a special time with others around the world.

Oh, and by the way, Anipals raised $1,101.00 for @Romeothecat’s FurPower Challenge during the paw pawty which will go to Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, CA.

The Brew and I would like to thank his Paw Pawty organizing committee for all of their efforts in coordinating contests and prizes and many other details. Led by organizer extraordinaire

@frugaldougal the committee included @Emmythecat, @Romeothecat, @Duke Richard II and @oscarthecat. Thanks to their pre-pawty planning and activities during the paw pawty, the event went off without a hitch.

We would also like to thank each and every one of The Brew’s followers, fondly referred to as “Brew’s Posse” (1919 strong at the time of this writing), for touching our lives with your individual character and charisma every day on Twitter. We love all of you!

And now, we have work to do! The Brew’s cherished anipal @Perrythebirman has commissioned a custom portrait…

Life is an Adventure!

Art Adventures Studios, located in downtown Canton, OHnear Second April Galerie and the historic Onesto Hotel.

@EmmytheCat tweeting during the#pawpawty