Artist BZTAT Vicki Boatright speaking at Blog PawsArtist BZTAT is an inspirational and motivational speaker in addition to being a talented visual artist.

She has spoken to groups on a variety of topics, including: pet art; pet/human bond themes; using social media to promote your artwork; leadership development; cultural diversity; self improvement; creative approaches to aiding trauma survivors; adoption and foster care concerns, etc.

As an artist with a background in clinical counseling, BZTAT has a unique perspective to share about a variety of subjects. An avid pet lover known worldwide for her pet themed artwork, she is sought after for her thoughts about the “art” of loving of pets, coping with pet loss, and developing community with other pet lovers through social media. An observer of culture with a passion for improving the world around her, she has many unique insights about bringing about change through creativity and innovation – for communities and for the entire world.

An advocate for the arts and for changing the traditional methods of marketing artwork, she challenges artists to take charge of their own careers and become “creative entrepreneurs” instead of seeking out others who tend to market their work in ineffective ways. A motivator and inspirer, BZTAT has many ideas for encouraging others to meet their potential through creativity and self-awareness. BZTAT is available to speak on these and other topics/themes.

BZTAT is also available to create Dialogues Murals along with speaking at events. Contact BZTAT if you are interested in having her speak at your event.

From ~ Laurie Ruettimann – Writer, Speaker, Human Resources Consultant, blogger for The Cynical Girl

I am a fan, admirer, and champion of BZTAT. I have followed her work for years and recently purchased a Premiere Custom Pet Portrait Painting of my mother’s cat Mingo for her Christmas gift.

What I like most about BZTAT is her common sense approach to running a creative business.

* She employs social media as a method to drum up interest in her art.

* She builds a community of fans and followers who help spread the word about animal rescue, spay/neuter efforts, and adoption.

* She knows how to use her platform to showcase other artists, writers, and people who deserve the spotlight.

BZTAT’s art is wonderful, and I recommend that art and pet lovers consider collecting her work. BZTAT’s passion & integrity make her an important person to know and follow.

Black and White tuxedo cat portrait painting by BZTAT
“Mingo” Premiere Custom Pet Portrait Painting by BZTAT