“Safe Animals Safe Kids” mural in Canton, OH “As an artist, I like to paint big. I also like to include other people in both the creative process and the appreciation of my artwork. As an arts enthusiast, I believe that art should be placed where everyone can experience it.” – Artist


BZTAT has created murals and other public art pieces to encourage communities to actively engage with their artistic culture.

She has also involved participants at conferences and events in the creation of Dialogues Murals.

BZTAT is available to create public artworks in the Northeast Ohio Region and is willing to travel to other locations as well. She will work with publicly or privately funded projects.

Contact BZTAT if you would like to commission her to create a public artwork for your community.

Downtown Cats Mural Public Art by BZTAT
Downtown Cats Mural by BZTAT
BlogPaws mural Public Art by BZTAT
BlogPaws 2010 mural by BZTAT
Women's History Mural by BZTAT for J.R. Coleman Center
Women’s History Mural by BZTAT for J.R. Coleman Center