President Obama: Nobel Laureate

We all awoke to the surprising news that the President of the United States Barack Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. In listening to his acceptance speech, it is clear that he was as surprised as anyone about the news. Even so, he accepted it with grace and humility with the challenge to everyone to share in its significance.

There are those who disagree that he should receive the award. He is new in his role of President, and has barely scratched the surface of what we hope that will accomplish in his lifetime. The results of what he has done so far are not yet tangible.

The work of peace is abstract, intangible and nuanced. President Obama has done more than is visible to the naked eye, simply by remedying the horrible swashbuckler posture that our nation had taken on over the past 8-9 years. He has brought the qualities of dignity, respect, wisdom and diplomacy back to the White House. And he has stared down critics from all sides with grace.

I think that makes him VERY deserving of the prize.

For a day, lets put aside the political bickering and celebrate what the rest of the world sees in this great man’s ability to inspire and lead.

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