Paradoxes, Purposes and Ponderances: The Right-Left Brain Dilemma

Paradoxes, Purposes and Ponderances

You no doubt have heard incredible stories where people have compensated for certain incapacities with increased capacity in other areas.

A blind person with a highly acute sense of hearing. A hearing impaired person who can catch visual nuances that the rest of us miss, and can “hear” by feeling vibrations.

It seems as though the human body and spirit finds ways to excel in opposite directions when faced with areas of weakness.

I think I am like that.

I am capable of creating wonderful things. I can paint paintings and capture the spirit of animals through art that inspires awe in many people. I can write and create stories that charm people, and I can illuminate thoughts in many different ways.

But my creative strengths are offset by other areas of weakness.

As much as I excel in so-called “right-brained” activites (creative and intuitive), I really suffer in the so-called “left-brain” activities (analytical and sequential).

Looking at this chart, I am clearly in the right brain realm of dominance in my mental processes. And the further I go into my creative abilities, the less organized, structured and sequencial I become.

That is a very real problem for someone who is trying to develop a business out of being an artist. You really need to be disciplined in a number of left brained activities to be successful in business.

So how does a highly creative artist develop a means to meet a waiting audience and succeed in the business world? How do I get all that left-brain schtuff done without sacrificing the immense creative potential that is awakening in me? I really could use some answers, folks.

I am well connected in social media. I get a lot of lofty advice from gurus inspiring me to “meet my creative potential”. The interesting thing I find is that most gurus tend to appeal to the left-brain person in an effort to try to open up their creative right-brain. They don’t say much to the creative person who can’t seem to manage their money very well.

Where is the guru who can help me have the patience and the skill to sit down and do basic bookkeeping and accounting?

The conclusion that I have come to is that I need to stop worrying about getting better at the things that I am no good at. I think I need to find a good left-brain person who likes to do the schtuff that I hate to do, and partner with them. Together we could create a really dynamic business venture.

I think that I need someone whom I can trust to make a viable business out of my creativity, in a way that we both prosper and both enjoy our collaborative process.

Idealistic? Perhaps. But I have to start somewhere.

What do you think? Do you know anyone like the potential partner I described? Do you have other ideas for my dilemma? Please let me know. I am open to suggestions.