Paint-A-Thon Auction is Live!

"Pawtograph" Painting by BZTAT

I promised to have the auction live on Monday. I have had all sorts of technical difficulties that  interfered with that plan, but all of the artworks are now available for bidding.  Auction ends at 11 pm Thursday, 11/18/10. Bid away!

Paint-a-Thon Auction Page

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Half of the proceeds of my Paint-a-thon to the Healing Paws Dialogue, an art project that I will be doing for the Pet Patrol therapy pet program at Mercy Medical Center in Canton, OH. The Healing Paws Dialogue aims to involve artistic youth in Canton with the Pet Patrol pet therapy program in order to enhance understanding and awareness of the value of pet therapy, as well as give them an opportunity to create pet themed public art with a professional artist.

The other half of the proceeds will go to a charity chosen by Embrace Pet Insurance staff: A New Leash On Life, specifically a fund for Flower who has pulmonic stenosis and needs a $2,500 balloon valvuloplasty surgery before she can be adopted out. Flower is being fostered by a member of the Embrace staff. You can donate to both projects below: