Oscar The Cat: The Ultimate Twitter Critter

From Brewskie Butt, official spokescat of Art Adventures Studios

Hi Everybody. It’s the Brew. I am feelin’ very sad today. My dear Twitter friend, @OscartheCat, passed over to the Rainbow Bridge today. It is strange, since he and I never actually met in real life, but we became best pals on Twitter, and it just feels awful now that he is gone.

You may remember that I wrote about Oscar back in February here. Here is some of what I wrote back then:

I met Oscar (known on Twitter as @OscarTheCat) early in my days on Twitter, but it wasn’t until one fateful night that we became best pals. Someone nominated us both for one of those crazy Twitter popularity contests that they have, and he and I both got kinda silly with it. By the end of the night, we were in first and second place! Our friendship was cemented.

Oscar is one cool cat! He is always encouraging other cats and other critters by passing out *nosetaps*, and he has developed a special website just for Cats Who Twitter! Oscar wrote about me on his first “Blogger Tuesday” feature! He also has a blog called The Furry Tripod, so named because of his being a three-pawd cat. He lives with a slightly irreverent younger cat named Henry (known on Twitter as @Quadpawd), to whom he is trying to teach manners and the finer ways of being a cat. It’s a big job, but he takes it in stride.

Oscar has been struggling with kidney disease since February, and he has defied all the odds. Just when the vet would say that it was time for him to go, Oscar would rally back and show his human mom that he was not ready yet. Today, though, his 18 year old body finally wore out, and he left this world. he will be greatly missed by his family and his friends on Twitter.

Oscar was not just your ordinary cat on Twitter. He was a friend to all, and he was the first “anipal” for most of the Twittering Critters. He was very special, always giving support, but also quick with a joke. We can only hope that his little “mancat in training” brother will pick up his legacy and keep his spirit alive.

BZTAT painted the picture above as a tribute to Oscar back in February, and she made it into a Get Well card that was signed by many of his anipals. You can see it here. The posting page only displays the last 25 comments made, but there were many, many more. BZTAT sent the painting to Oscar’s mom a few weeks ago, because she just felt that was where it was supposed to be.

To all of Oscar’s friends, please feel free to leave a comment or final *nosetap* here for our dear friend. To Oscar’s family, I thank you so much for sharing your dear fellow with us.

And to Oscar–We are gonna miss ya, pal. But, we know what you are saying as you look down upon us from the Rainbow Bridge: “It’s all good!” *nosetaps* t0 ya pal. We luv ya.

The Brew

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