Last Chance December Doodle Auctions!

Maine Coon drawing Bztat
"Blue Maine Coon"

Jack Russell Terrier Drawing
"Jack Russell Terrier" Doodle Drawing by BZTAT

paw print doodle
"Paw Print Doodle" Oil pastel drawing on wood by BZTAT

Maine Coon Cat Art
"Maine Coon Majesty" - Digital Drawing Doodle by BZTAT

Be kind to animals drawing
"Be Kind to Animals" Doodle Drawing by BZTAT

"Catafornia Dreamin'" Doodle Drawing by BZTAT

December is such a busy month! I have completed the December Doodles, as I, like everyone else, got too busy to keep up. I did say I was only going to go thru Dec. 15…

Some of the doodles did not get bids in the auctions, so I thought I would reopen the bids for another day. You can bid by clicking on the image of your interest, and bid in the comments on the page page for that doodle. Each page has the info about the doodle, including bidding and shipping cost info.

All auctions will close at 10pm Wednesday, December 21, 2011.

Remember that 10% of the proceeds for all the auctions will go to an animal charity, which I will announce on Thursday, December 22, 2011.

Happy doodle bidding!

Here is a slideshow of all of the doodles, some of which have been sold and are no longer available for bids.