Jan 042009

It has taken me a day to thaw out and come down from the high of the the Great Ice Adventure! The ice sculpture was completed at about 9:30pm Friday night. What a rush it was making this thing!

As I have written in previous blogs, this was my first attempt at sculpture, much less an ice sculpture. I was pretty apprehensive, as I was not sure that I could pull this thing off. I had never handled a chainsaw or other power tools before, and it is a whole new conceptual realm to be carving in 3-D. As I got into it though, the apprehension left me. In fact, I became almost crazed with creative enthusiasm when I realized this was an adventure that opened up all kinds of creative possibilities!

I started out with a drawing and small clay model I had carved the night before to give me the conceptual idea. The model helped me know what to cut away from the block of ice; the drawing helped me know where to make the initial cuts to get the silhouette profile started.

Then I got out the chainsaw. I got over my intimidation of power tools pretty quickly! Soon, I was winging the thing around like I knew what I was doing! I actually had quite a bit of fun. Bundled up in sweaters, coat, snow pants, and two pairs of gloves, I didn’t get too cold.

I used a drill with wire bush to grind out details and to curve out some of the straight-edged lines.

I had lots of neat people stop by and say “Hi”.

The finishing touches were done with a blow torch. The blow torch smooths the edges and makes it look like glass.

Then, it was done!

I was thrilled with the end result, I must admit. I really felt accomplished, doing something that I had never done before, and having it turn out so well! I apologize to all my friends for my bragging–I was just too geeked not to share my high!

Having done this, I am charged up with new energy and adventurous creativity. Self imposed limits to my creative pursuits are now dissipating–If I can do this, I feel like I can do anything! What comes next? Well, I have started on a new adventure already! More about that in a future post…

Life is an adventure! Live it… Love it… Explore… Imagine… Enjoy!!!!!!

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  1. WOW! Us kittehs fink dat really looks good!!

  2. WOW! Us kittehs fink dat really looks good!!

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